• Please think of how art has improved our society vs science.

    I'd love to see a world where the "struggling artists" have their way and are admired vs the world where sensible humans champion science and math. Art is a luxury and is completely selfish in regards to achievement for mankind. Science is all for our progress as a species. Id rather we develop rational thinking than a bunch of smelly ass ingrates who champion faux intelligence. How about you fucking contribute and grow us as a people. Not make us "reflect" on some stupid shit that doesn't add any substance to our achievements as man.

  • Not worth listening to if you have better things to do in life and succeed.

    People say it helps relieve anxiety, depression, stress, makes you happy, etc..., then how is music different from a drug that you take in by your ears. The most succesful people are busy and they dont have time to listen to music. You can do way better things with your time for example; educate yourself, make money, travel, gain a new experience, learn a new skill, time with your family and many more things.
    And by the way people get addicted to it so its definetly a legal drug.

  • Art music overrated

    In a pitiless analysis I find Art and music nothing more than instruments of self indulgence. They feed no one, country's GDP does not grow, and worse those who are not good at them feel small for no reason at all. Purely from the point of view of India, sports, art, music do not add anything at all. If we didn't have a tendulkar, ravi shankar or hussian, we would just be the same, wallowing in poverty, injustice, and corruption. We can't afford these luxuries. I hate sportsmen, artists and musicians who claim doing things for the country and expect people to worship them- bull crap!!

  • When scientists ask great questions for the good of humanity, artists are indulging themselves in joy.

    A life dedicated to enjoyment, is the life of an artist. Last time I checked The Starry Night, wasn't curing cancer....Further more some may argue that art gets some people through life and pull them through hard times. Well guess what good for the few that, that applies to; however science provides treatment for illnesses that a paint brush or instrument couldn't even remotely do anything to help fix.

  • No, It isn't.

    Music and art is creativity. People need to have that outlet and joy in their lives. Music makes me feel better, and art makes me inspired.
    Art, of all kinds, are a wonderful way to have a voice.
    There is a saying;
    How are people suppose to shine with no power?

  • Art and music are part of the human experience

    So what if it is a luxury? If we as a society can afford this luxury of music then why not take it. Art and music have forever been part of our culture. They bring joy and take us away from our everyday tiresome lives. Take away our small daily escapes and everyone would go mad. I do not know any people who do not like music. Why take it away from those who enjoy it? Not everything in life has to be about optimizing profit or our efficiency as workers and money makers.

    "Last time I checked The Starry Night wasn't curing cancer". I wonder what you do that does cure cancer.

  • Art and music are not a waste of time.

    Art and music are an important part of our culture. People get a lot of pleasure from the making and the consumption art and music. Almost everyone likes to listen to music. Also, a culture is often measured by its artistic achievements. A culture without fine arts, literature, and music is no culture at all.

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