• YES. YEs. Yes

    If art did not exsit or get taught any more in primary education then we would be left in a very boring and none exsistant world. How do you think the designers of your clothes started out?! - Drawing designs. How do you think the buildings that we live and work in were created?!- Drawing designs and plans!! What about the cartoons and animations you watch? Oh ye they are drawn too... The books you read? The pictures didn't come from thin air. The logos on your favourite drink? ALL HAVE BEEN DRAWN !!!! How can you be so naive as to think we don't need art in education.

  • If art isn't important....

    So some people say that art isn't important but then want art in their lives. If money was not a problem what car would you drive? I doubt that people would say a toyota Camry. No, we want things that give us an aesthetic experience and make us FEEL something. If art isn't teaching kids history then why is it that most of the historical remnants that we have from ancient cultures are their art pieces. Most of what I find is that people don't like art just because they are ignorant to it. We are human, we are instinctively scared of what we don't understand. By the way, I'm an art teacher, I teacher Chemistry in my ceramics class, I teach history in my art history class, and I teach Geometry in my drawing class. Every culture throughout history that has had a focus put on the arts has thrived, while every other culture that ignores and reduces the arts falls from a struggle from within.

  • Art is important in school

    Art is very important in school because it helps individuals express themselves in a creative fashion.That is vital to society because we need thinkers who think" outside of the box" and can create things of beauty, both in the mind and aesthetically. That's what we need in the world,today,in my opinion.

  • Yes, art is very important.

    Art is an outlet for creativity.
    In my class, the kids had a huge problem with the music teachers changes. So we had a silent protest, and accomplished what we wanted, they still aren't happy, but they got what they asked.
    So when we were all talking, she told my class that if we kept doing stuff like that, we'd lose music.
    The problem we had was, she came in, told us we weren't doing what we had been working on for over 4 weeks.
    We had been re-writing Sweet Home Alabama.
    There was voice, creativity, and education.
    But what she wanted to do (Carol of the bells), we had no choice in. There was a repetition of notes, and the kids didn't like it.
    So we voiced our disapproval.
    One of the kids had a great point.
    "What's the point of having music, if we have no creativity? Isn't that what it's about?"
    We need music, we need art, we need drama, we need sports. They are all outlets for kids and adults to shine. Without those opportunities, how are we supposed to find what we love?

  • Is Art Important in School?

    Art developes both independence and collaboration. Art speaks it's own language and cuts across racial, social, educational, cultural and econmic barriers. Art can enhance cultural appreciation and awareness. Art is mindful and theraputic. Art is just as important as any other core subject andimproves test scores, attitudes, social skills, critical and creative thinking.

  • It is important

    I think art education is a very important thing and we need to adress it right in our schools ts a very important thing on learning on how to be creative drama dance and many other things i think vevery kid atleast need a chane to be able to learn the arts in there schools and this why it is one of the many importancees of school and art education

  • More skills than hard science

    The brain is a wonderfully complex and interconnected machine. Improving a student's mathematical skills does more than just provide an internal calculator; it teaches them problem solving skills, deduction, proofing, discipline, logic, and so much more. The same is true of the arts -- they don't just teach color, or music, or rhythm, but so much more than can be applied throughout the life of the person.

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  • I say NO

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  • I believe art is completely unnecessary.

    Does art teach us science? Does it teach us history, or math? No, it does not. Many students do not like art, however, they are forced to "express themselves". Art might allow us to draw pretty pictures, or make things look nice, but should not be required in the school curriculum. What have great painters like Picasso done for humanity? They only worthwhile effect I see are the auctions where people pay millions for his works.

  • Not in the least.

    Kids go to school to learn the important things they will all need in everyday life. The main focus should be on Math and English courses, because no matter what career they choose, they will need those to at work and away. Learning science would come in handy for many careers. History would be important too if they did not teach it in such a trivial way. Many classes directly relate to the others like computer classes that would also be important. Phys. Ed. Would should also be kept so that children get exercise in their day. Problem is, there is too much distraction with other non-essential classes like art, and music. Unless they are going into an art or music career these would be just a waist of time and taxpayer money. Other extracurricular things should also be taken out. Though exercise is good, we do not need sports teams, cheer-leading, or band. Kids go to school to learn, not to have fun. If parents want their kids to learn an instrument or practice art, they can either sign them up for out of school courses that they pay for or teach them themselves. With all these distractions, no wonder we are falling behind.

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