• Fears lead to Overdiagnosing Asperger Syndrome

    Autism in general has been enjoying a bit of a fad. Part of this has to do with recent advances in the medicine, part of it is the apocalyptic fervor of conservatives who want to find something to blame the "decline" of the good white person, part of it is our general fears of adapting to the postmodern world. What used to be called awkward is often now called Aspergers, so I think it is overdiagnosed.

  • Since it doesn't exist any longer, of course.

    If any medical professional is diagnosing Asperger Syndrome in 2014, then you have a serious problem with a poorly trained doctor. The DSM-5 (a manual used by doctors for diagnoses) eliminated AS as a separate diagnosis in 2013, and folded it into the umbrella of autism spectrum disorders. So in reality, any diagnosis of Aspergers is overdiagnosed now.

  • No, I don't think Asperger syndrome is overdiagnosed.

    I think that we are still learning about Autism and offshoots of it like Aspergers but we doctors in general have a certain number of symptoms and factors to look for in a child before diagnosing them as having Aspergers, I believe that overall we are diagnosing it correctly and will only improve the accuracy in time.

  • It is easier to diagnose now

    One of the main reasons that Asperger syndrome is diagnosed more often now is because there is more awareness of the condition. It is not that cases of the syndrome have risen per se, they are just not being missed so often by those in the medical and psychiatric fields.

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