• Attack on Titan is one of the best!

    The concept of Attack on Titan is truly unique and very few animes have come close or succeeded the standard of AOT. I would like to see a season 2 however I am unsure as to whether there is one going to be made, If you have any info on that please reply and let me know! Akira I found confusing and slow, I genuinely prefer anime series as it allows you to gain a closer relationship with the characters and Akira really didn't do this for me. I have watched a lot of animes and frankly Akira doesn't even come close to my favourites. I definitely recommend Attack on Titan to anyone.

  • I wasn't too crazy about Akira but..

    I don't like Attack on Titan. To me, it's lazy.
    I don't like the 'mystery' [If I recall there isn't really any clues]

    I don't like the characters. [I read the manga] they all dress the same too. With similar styles of looks.

    The titans aren't scary. They're more like giant babies.

    I can't grow attached to any character. I remember reading one scene, some guy named Tom I think... He was just introduced than killed.

    It just seems lazy writing to me.

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