• Her songs encourage young women to express themselves, she does good charity work you wont find her pissed on TV, she's thoughtful intelligent and sincere

    I'm a middle aged man but her songs have helped me, listen to nobodys fools a terrific statement on personal liberation. She shook my hand at a concert, never met me but looked into my eyes to give me respect, I cried, yeh she is a sincere person and has integrity

  • Yes she is

    Although she dresses like a tomboy at times and dyed her hair back then, she's still an amazing singer who sings about life experiences. She's settling down with Chad showing the people that she's found love and that's what is most important. She's one of the only celebrities that have started out that young in the music industry and not turned out to be a drug addict. She's still the same girl she was back then and that just shows how much of a good role model she is

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