• Did you ever hear about any organized terrorist attack in Israel?

    Looking at countries which have had severe problems with organized terrorist attacks, it is extremely obvious where the problem lies: Already immigrated, but not assimilated muslim men living inside the country which groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda want to destroy.
    It becomes all too clear, that the only solution is to completely shut down muslim immigration into western countries, after the example of Israel.

  • Probably a little.

    Banning Muslims is actually kind of an illogical belief because it's a religion and you can't ban a religion. With that said, banning Muslims probably would help a little bit. Although it would be very hard to enact. A better plan would be if you banned certain countires where many terrorists originate from traveling here that would probably help with terrorsim.

  • It is stupid

    Most Muslims are not terrorists and its unfair to punish all innocent Muslims for the actions of radicals. What about people who want to come here on vacation or to visit people? Should they be banned when they're peaceful. Plus we have Muslim countries sthat are allied to us. We can't insult our allies.

  • Of Course not.

    Not all Muslims are terrorist and this is racial profiling at it's worse in my opinion. We can't judge an entire culture for something that some radical members of it who want to hide behind it do. I think this is a form of hatred and is something we shouldn't allow ourselves to fall into.

  • No, banning Muslims will not stop terrorism.

    Not all Muslims are terrorists and not all terrorists are Muslims. Some terrorists are Christians, such as the people who have bombed abortion clinics, and some are atheists , like Timothy McVeigh. Stopping terrorism is not as simple as just banning one group of people stopping one thing. It requires a complex and complicated strategy.

  • It's an losing plan

    You can't ban millions of people and expect to move forward. Like all demographics Muslims have a certain segment that are absolutely brilliant. Do we really want to encourage a brain drain in this country or do we want to cultivate brilliance and have it work to our advantage. We cannot allow fear and prejudice to cloud our judgmen or we will become the losers in the end.

  • Banning Won't Help

    Banning Muslims will not do anything to stop terrorism. There are terrorist of all nationalities and races who use their beliefs as an excuse to hate and kill. Singling out a group of people based on the acts of a few is racist. The banning of any one religious entity or group of people because they do not believe the way you do is an act of terrorism in itself. The reasons are excuses, no one person or group of people represent anyone as a whole.

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