• No Doubt Obama's Failed

    At first Obama seemed alright. Made a lot of promises and yet his first year was quiet, then his second, third, and fourth. By re-elections it was obvious he hasn't done anything for the country except raise the debt ceiling. Obama's a the President of the United States of America, not America's Human Resources lead with every minority in his agenda. We need him to lead us in a good direction instead of blindly leading us into a debt-pit.

  • Yes

    People gave him 4 years in office. WE get 6 million more dollars in debt, 4 years closer to Iran & a bomb, foreign policy failure, higher unemployment, same old foreign oil dependency. People voted for him because they wanted to try a black president. In short, he failed, things have gotten worse, and just because someone else did doesn't give him the right to.

  • Barack Obama has failed America

    The main qualm that I have with President Obama is his policy on the Free Market and the 10th Amendment. He has raised taxation on small businesses and his administration has forced several companies to close down . I do not think that he realizes that the Free Market is the underpinning to a successful economy and job growth. With regards to the 10th Amendment, the President has repeatedly promoted nationalized policy (healthcare, federal police force ect.) wihout consulting the Governors of the States. The States are sovereign; they deserve to be treated as such. America would be better off if the Obama Administration would turn some programs back to them for them to handle.

    Racism has nothing to do with my opinion of the President; I don't dispute the fact that he is a fine person. He has, however, been a poor leader.

  • Yes Barack Obama is a failure as President

    Like every President since Kennedy, he's promised so much, and yet done nothing. He's promised change and all we got is more of the same like we always do. He promised healthcare reform and what we really got is healthcare slavery. He promised to end the war, and he really hasn't. I could go on and on. So yes Obama is a failure as President because he's made promises he has not kept.

  • Even the Obama supporters know that deep down he was a failure

    He campaigned as a anti-establishment figure who wanted change, yet the first thing he does as president is nominate Hillary Clinton, the type of politician he claimed to be against as secretary of state. I would like to point out all the promises he has made but has not held but that would be too much for me to write about, every sane person even those who support him deep down know the country has not changed. People will argue that is because Republicans blocked him, that is simply not true because republicans prior to 2010 democrats controlled all branches of goverment, prior to 2014 they still had the majority in the senate and he still didn't do nothing.

  • Arrogant ans Self Righteous

    The way he forced Obamacare into place, before it his program was fully considered and debated. Using the "nuclear option" to stifle debate was the start of the enmity of the GOP to his ideas.

    The second issue is his Cairo "Arab Spring" speach followed by his despicable treatment of Netanyahu and Israel.

    His receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize for what he might do was simply ludicrous.

  • Divisive, narcissistic and plain idiotic

    Obamacare is a failure, so are his immigration policies and all the trade deals. All he has done is rouse the lowest income groups and given them handouts. Don't want to work? It's ok, people who bust their butts with 80 hour workweeks will pay for your medical needs. Hopped into the country unlawfully? Don't fret, taxpayers to the rescue again. Caught in a felony? Clemency. See the pattern here? Instant voter base of thugs, below poverty line folks, illegal immigrants who are granted amnesty, and ex felons.

  • Worst president in history

    Failed economy, worst GDP in history, zero jobs growth, p/t minimum wage jobs are not job growth. Security and safety of our nation worst in history, most terrorist attacks on home soil in history under his administration. Destroyed healthcare industry, destroyed working families with failed Obamacare, costs now skyrocketing. Police officers are ambushed/attacked and he encourages the attacks. Worst racial division in our country. Corruption at all levels; IRS, FBI, DOJ, etc. Attack on first amendment of Christians, small business owners, and unbiased news sites. Uses MSM as propaganda tool. Attack on second amendment rights, ladies have no right to defend ourselves in many states. Universities and public education in shambles, worst test scores in history lagging behind other nations. Only concerned with trigger warnings and safe spaces but can perform basic math calculations, etc. Wants to tax driving and food (basic necessities in US) as sham carbon tax, it's all about control and stripping of personal liberties. Worst foreign policy in history. He gave our control of internet to UN. List goes on, don't have enough room to write novel on this absolute failure of a president.

  • The truth hurts: Pres. Obama has done nothing for the Black community except uphold White Supremacy.

    His inability to take action or lead on critical issues such as police brutality, workplace inequality, & just about any issue involving the African-American community, makes him a complete & utter failure in my view. He has risked his neck for every other group EXCEPT those whom share his skin tone. Disgraceful.

  • Poor Man's Jimmy Carter

    Divisive, petty, incompetent. He has always been a puppet without substance. Has surrounded himself with corporate hacks. He even stutters with a teleprompter...The true sign of a liar. Obamacare has been one big corporate bailout for the insurance industry. He is just the worst. Solyndra. Cash for Clunkers. Pardoning Hillary by not prosecuting. So many scandals.

  • No

    I don't feel like people even gave him a real honest to god chance. Many people thought he shouldn't be president because he's African American, and they stuck with that. He did make a lot of promises that he didn't keep or wasn't able to keep but what president hasn't made those promises?

  • Obama supporter!

    I don't think President Obama is a failure at all. What so many seem to forget is that he inherited SO many problems from the former President. I think many good things will come of this country thanks to him. I think his insurance plan will work wonders. I look forward to seeing the great changes in our country!

  • Absolutely not

    Many people claim that Obama has not done anything for the country, but in fact, he has done a lot. For example, he signed the equal pay act for women and got rid of 'don't ask, don't tell' in the military. The big thing that makes him a success though, is that he kept our country from going into a depression. He may not have our unemployment rate up to where many would like it, but he kept it from falling even more than it was. This alone makes him a success in my eyes, and I think that in the next four years many people that doubted him will start to think this too.

  • He didn't meet his lofty expectations, but he's done ok.

    Barack Obama promised a lot, and he did not deliver. However, this makes him a politician, not a failure. Every president promises a lot, and most don't deliver half of what they've promised. Obama inherited a lot of problems and he's been doing his best to solve them. He hasn't been perfect, but things have slowly and steadily improved under his administration.

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  • 800,000 jobs a month

    We were losing, 8 years ago, 2008, the last time the republicans held the president with George W bush. 800,000 jobs a month. Where would we be if that had continued.
    Obama also inherited the bank bail out. The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (Division A of Pub.L. 110–343, 122 Stat. 3765, enacted October 3, 2008), commonly referred to as a bailout of the U.S. financial system, is a law enacted in response to the subprime mortgage.
    Obama also inherited the stock market crash of 2008 & 2009. Hows the market today.
    Obama had to bailout the auto industry, Like many other problems left behind by George W. Bush. George W. Bush agreed to a temporary bailout, but handed the auto companies' long-term future over to his successor, President-Elect Barack Obama.
    Obama was also left with 2 wars, 1 that the republican started on false pretense, weapons of mass destruction, that didn't exist in Iraq, the republicans went to war with a region that was involved in a civil war between the Sunni and Shiite of Islam. The USA took out the only Tyrant that could control the region. I agree that Saddam Hussein was a killer but that was the only was to control that region & it's civil war. Wakeup & look what has happened

  • Obama a success

    1. He saved American lives by withdrawing American troops from hotspots like Afganistan, Libya, Yemen, Syria
    2 Weakened and checked the AL Qaida
    3. Tackled the issue of an armed population which has had innocent American lives lost through unstable social misfits having access to guns.
    4. He has afforded everyone health insuarance.
    5. He has cleaned up the American image from Big Sam Policeman of the world under the guise of imagined American interest to normal inter-relation with all states big or small. ( Case in point is Cuba)
    6. All undemocratic countries who thought he would accommodate them because he is Black have been exposed for the embarrassment they are in the free world!
    Overall Obama has give the Americans a sombre and humane character instead of the arrogant one they had before him.

  • "It's the economy stupid"

    True in the 90's, still true today. You can't give Obama all the credit for our economic recovery but we are definitely better of now than we were 8 years ago and it happened on his watch. Every morning I look at my CNN Money app and it keeps saying the economy is not growing as fast as we would like but is in good shape. The Fed wouldn't be thinking of raising rates if it wasn't. Which country would we be better off in than the USA? None, glad to be an American

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