• Yes they are

    Barbie is such a great doll. It makes every girl feel happy and glad. Plus it can can be her role model of how working out and dancing would make her life healthier and she will get a great body. In addition she shows a fashion lover girl. That knows everything about make up and dressing which will keep the girls cheering up

  • It's a girl thing

    In no way are barbies not good for girls.For so long girls have been playing with them and they don't seem to have any affect.If anything barbies are a way for young girls and yes some boys to entertain themselves.Its very rare that girls aim to be like Barbie after all she's plastic.Besides the company who creates Barbie recently started putting out barbies that have the same physical features as the average 19 year old.Besides even a speaker on the con confessed that Barbie never negatively impacted her life.Then on a much larger scale have you ever heard a girl complain about Barbie?!

  • Barbies are a good example

    Just because Barbie is a teen with 3 sisters does not mean any thing. I love to play with barbies and my sister does too. Barbie dose some things that can not be done but, she is always on the right side of alot of things in her show. I love barbie and lots of girls love her too.

  • The answer is... YES

    Have you not seen the new dolls? They have 3 different body types! Very realistic! Barbie shows that kids can by ANYTHING. She shows that girls can do any thing that boys can. Barbie movies display the same message, in an entertaining way. Barbie is wonderful! Don't you agree?
    You go Mattel!

  • Barbie is great for kids of all ages!

    Have you not seen the new dolls? They have 3 different body types! Very realistic! Barbie shows that kids can by ANYTHING. She shows that girls can do any thing that boys can. Barbie movies display the same message, in an entertaining way. Barbie is wonderful! Don't you agree?
    You go Mattel!

  • Barbie is Amazing

    Barbie is amazing because she inspires girls that Anything is Possible and that you can be whatever you want to when you put passion in it. People say she's a bad role model for girls, and she's unrealistic, but people who say that don't have 50+ careers and do things that change the world. Most people want to look like Barbie but there's alot more to it. They think to have plastic surgery is being Barbie,but it's not. Barbie is more than a stupid blonde who talks about fashion and has huge mansions and people think shes a dumb bitch with alot of money. How do you think she got the money? Working hard with her careers. Just because she has all this stuff means that its being handed to her. She has a more realistic line out. Barbie just tells girls you can work hard and look amazing while doing so.

  • Barbie isn't just beauty

    Iv seen many debates lately about young girls and the toys they play with being over sexualized too early and while some of that is true I don't think that Barbie is something that does that. As many others have said, Barbie has had a large role in changing how people see women and how younge girls see themselves, and it's not necessarily a bad thing. Barbie has held hundreds of jobs and is quite successful in all of them, she's a teacher, astronaut, vet, actress, president, the list goes on and on! And yes she also happens to have big boobs and a skinny waist but so do almost every Disney princess, and quite a few successful career women! Barbie shows girls they can be amazing, strong, smart, and successful women and still be beautiful and feminine and stylish, encouraging girls to explore and embrace both the delicate and beautiful and also the strong and smart sides of being a woman/girl. So really the question should be, why do so many people have such a bad attitude towards something that, through innocent fun, teaches our girls such grate lessons? And why don't we realize how our attitudes effect our kids views? If a little girl hears from her mom or big sister that Barbie-an example of all the amazing things girls can do WHILE they are pretty and girly, and who celebrates both- is a bad thing, what will she think about herself, and what happens once the seed is planted that strong AND beautiful females are wrong?

  • All sorts of yes!

    Very few girls actually buy into that they have to LOOK like Barbie as opposed to being inspired by her in many other ways. She embodies any stereotype you can think of yet crushes all the rest. Independent, strong, humanitarian, feminine, sporty, active; heck, I'd even date her. Yes, yes.

  • Why wouldn't barbie be good for young girls?

    Barbie is about teaching young girls that they can be anything that they put their mind to. It is about creativity and imagination. It does not matter if Barbie isn't exactly like their sisters, or their mothers, little girls get excited about having a versatile doll. I used to get so excited about getting a new barbie.

  • Barbie is a DOLL! Little girls can play with her and make her anything they want.

    Barbie is nothing more than a doll! People should give their children more credit. Children know the difference between a doll and a real woman. If you want your child to have a good role model, make it YOU! Barbie has no opinions, she is simply a doll that girls can dress up and pretend with. A child does NOT look at a Barbie and think, "Gosh, if my Barbie was real, she would be 5'9" and 110 pounds and her feet would not support her. She would be anorexic." That is adults censoring simply because of their own misguided thinking. Yes, we want our girls to have a good body image, but her body image will NOT come from playing with a DOLL! It will come from your attitudes about YOUR body and what you say about yourself in front of your daughter. It comes from the crap she will watch on tv and see in magazines with REAL human models and actresses! You know, those perfect looking people who have plastic surgery to look the way they do (and not because they are trying to look like Barbie either). Their body image can come from what other young girls may say to her at school. But a negative body image WILL NOT come from playing with a Barbie doll! However, by playing with a Barbie wearing a police uniform, astronaut uniform, football coach uniform, etc., the young girl can fantasize and dream about being a police officer, astronaut, football coach, etc. That is more important to me. Let kids have their dolls. A child's work is play or fantasizing. They learn from being allowed to express themselves in fantasy play. If we keep looking at every toy they play with and taking it away with them because we are afraid they might develop a bad self image, then what will they have left? What about little girls in the prairie days whose dolls were corn cobs or other items that they dressed up? They most certainly wouldn't have looked normal if transformed into a real human!! Get real, people!! Give our kids credit. If you asked them, they would be able to point out a doll versus a human any day!!

  • Gives a false impression

    Personally, I think that Barbie dolls give a false impression of what a girl should grow up to be. I am 17 now, but I didn't play with Barbie dolls much (mainly it was art, reading and polly pockets) but I don't think it did me any harm. I do take pride in my appearance, but I don't try to look like her. I think that young girls who play with her very often, want to look like her, which I don't think it is a good thing!

  • In my opinion No barbie's are not a good influence

    Because barbie's were supposed to encourage girl's that they can be anything but now barbie doesn't work at all she has ken build her dream house she think's look's are more important then anything she act's like a broken nail is an emergency she dosen't work a day she had her three little sister's build her plane she has a giant walk in closet that's pink with way to much make up and this is a horrible influence for kid's because it's saying you have to look like her that you have to be as skinny as her and wear as much make up and lastly it is o'most completely race's because in that little show have you ever noticed there all american and there is only one dark skinned girl and there are only two boy's and they do what ever the girl's say in conclusion barbie is a bad influence and I should definitely know what young girl's are taking from barbie because I'm 11 year's old.

  • Barbie is great for kids of all ages!

    Have you not seen the new dolls? They have 3 different body types! Very realistic! Barbie shows that kids can by ANYTHING. She shows that girls can do any thing that boys can. Barbie movies display the same message, in an entertaining way. Barbie is wonderful! Don't you agree?
    You go Mattel!

  • Barbie isn't good toy!!

    She is creative but she isn't cute and it isn't look pretty at all.
    Barbie can make children grow fast and look like a adult.
    Even they can be adult biras so it isn't good for the children that are in 6~29years it makes chidren and even adult behave like barbie.

  • Barbie is a not a good toy!!!

    Barbie is a not good toy because they are not pretty and not fun to play with the bad dude doll toys. So I don't care about the that the barbie doll had come or gone from in here. So I wish the barbie dolls are gone from this world.

  • Barbie is the worst toy that is ever made whahahahahaha it sucks you are thinking about the wrong thing dudes. Barbie is the worst toy

    Girls are going crazy when they play with Barbie. And they keep bag someone to buy the Burbie for them. I hate that. If your awake at night,
    the burbie will make you scare to death. So dudes burbie is the worst toy that is ever created. Ha.You dudes ha ha ah

  • Barbie is the worst....

    When people wants to be like Barbie..... Most of the Barbie movies about doing make ups, hitting boys, pretending to be cool, or worst! When people pretends that she is pretty, they will hit boys often and boys hate that! Because of trying to be pretty on outside, it will ruin the inside!

  • You will never look like barbie

    Playing with barbies at a young age will make you learn to grow up thinking this is how i'm going to look when I grow up. When the time comes and you realize that you don't look like barbie you will try to change the way you look, but you can't

  • Barbie Is fake

    Barbie influences young children to be perfect and beautiful. But really Barbie is plastic and lifeless. Barbie Gives unrealistic expectation of being perfect. Lifes not perfect and making children think that is not a good idea. Barbie also has Unrealistic proportions and this can cause young children to think they are fat or don't look right. Overall Barbie is to at all age-appropriate for young children.

  • Society is what Barbie is

    What I mean by that is Barbie is what society wants in every girl. Years from now, it wouldn't matter to girls who used to play with Barbie dolls. I'm 15 and I believe that Barbie sets a false image on what girls should be. Appearance is everything in today's society.

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