• Yeah, it is

    Barney and Friends was/is intended for children around the age of 5. I disagree with ILoveCars as I don't recall it containing cursing nor advocating for preschoolers to steal. In regards to the nudity, no 'parts' are shown and animals tend to be nude anyway. Seldom do you see a clothed cat running around. All in all, I feel that Barney and Friends was/is targeted at kids.

  • Barney and Friends promoted friendship and kindness.

    The child actors who who part of the show were of various ethnicities and background; teaching children to accept people who are different than themselves.

    Students worked together to solve problems and support each other in times of need.

    It taught children about being responsible and at the end of each show they worked together, and sang a song, when cleaning up after their activities.

    I would posit that this show was not targeted at teenagers, but rather 10-year-olds and younger. Barney and Friends aired April 6, 1992 - November 2, 2010. Had this been the show that ILoveCars is suggesting it would have been removed from television very quickly.

  • Not a kid show at all.

    Too much cursing, convincing preschoolers to steal, funny animal nudity. Barney was fired twice and got his show canceled more than four years ago. The sad part is, many teens won't enjoy this show.

    Which age group do you think this violent dino should be targeted at?
    A) infants (2-year-olds)
    b) preschoolers (3 - 5)
    c) kids (6 - 9)
    d) tweens (10 - 14)
    e) teens/adults (15 +)

  • Barney Must Go to Hell!

    It's too childish for us, teenagers, because we will fail miserably in school and in life. That is why I would say to all teenagers who are still growing up and giving up their childhood once and for all to a better show for us, teenagers. It might just work!

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Craighawley215 says2015-02-22T17:53:29.417
I don't think you are watching the same Barney.
Vox_Veritas says2015-02-22T18:19:05.093
Dang censorship...