• Yes it is a sport!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why isn't it a sport you run around and hit a ball duh!!!!!!
    Do you run around in sport/ YES!!!! Do you hit a ball in sport. YES!!!!!!!
    So therefore it is a sport if it wasn't you'd just be sat on your bum so THINK AGAIN BEFORE YOU SAY IT ISN'T A SPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Of course It IS

    Even Shitty hitters have to SPRINT 400-500 feet when they hit easy grounders. There are 3 outfielders for a space the size of a football field and anything hit there must be caught somehow. It's not a constant sport i agree, you still have to swing,sprint,catch and throw. You wont burn as many calories as soccer, but you will definitely burn calories.

  • Yes baseball is a sport

    Baseball is a sport, even the dictionary calls baseball a sport. It is also considered the most mentally demanding sport and requires a lot of work to play. So simply yes, baseball is a sport and nothing else, the question of baseball being a sport could be asked to all other sports.

  • It is a sport

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  • Baseball is my favorite sport

    I guess noboby is right about base ball so, guess I was about base ball sometimes people are sometimes are and wrong about base ball but base ball is a sport everyone loves base ball what kind of sport requires you to sit around and watch for most of the time

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  • Becuz it is

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  • Yes, baseball is and should be considered a sport

    I see that many have said things such as "you watch your teammates hit and you sit in a dugout." While this is true what do football players do when they are not playing? This is known as a very physically demanding game(not taking anything away from it as it is), but several studies have shown that baseball has more major health risks than football. Baseball players just watch? According to wall street Journal, football players get 11 minutes of action In a single game across the 60 minutes. In baseball, each player averages 18 minutes of action a game.

  • Yes, baseball is a sport.

    I think that baseball is definitely a sport because it follows most of the basic rules for defining a sport. In the sport, there are two teams competing against each other to win and performing physical actions such as pitching, batting, fielding and running in the duration of the game.

  • Yes, it is considered a sport.

    Baseball is considered a sport. If anybody ever tried to play baseball for an hour straight, it is just as physically (and more mentally) demanding than any other sport (except football.) It is actually hard hitting a 90 mile an hour spherical ball with a small piece of wood and trying to hit it 400 feet. Think again before not calling it a sport.

  • Baseball is not a sport

    Baseball is not a sport and used just to bludge compulsory sporting activities in certain schools that require hours of sporting activities. This so called sport requires very little talent in fitness but high skill in siting down. To consider this social activity as a sport would be ludicrous and completely untrue

  • Lol not a sport

    What kind of sport requires you to sit around and watch for most of the time? When your team is hitting you sit in the dugout watching, and when your team is on defense you stand around. Absolutely no exertion or massive amount of effort is ever required. The majority of the time you are coasting. Sure it takes skill, but so does performing surgery or playing a musical instrument. Are those sports too? So what if there are two sides competing? Is an argument a sport? Lulz.

  • Too much reliance on eye-hand coordination

    Baseball is a game that requires some movement, but much like darts or bowling, it is a game not a sport.
    The fact that baseball players can be in very poor physical condition and yet be successful at the highest level and that most of the game is played sitting or standing while waiting for someone else to do something is proof that it is not a sport.

  • Definitely a no, it means physical activity

    There needs to be physical activity. If out of shape people are able compete (at the highest level), then the answer is no. MLB is full of people who can barely make 90 yds. Stick a GPS or a heart rate monitor on a few players, and you'll see what I mean... There are other qualifications, but baseball fails test 1.

  • Baseball is a game with athletes not a sport

    In my opinion one important thing for something to be considered a sport you should be able to switch from offense to defense in one play. With baseball you are required to get three outs in order for the tides to change. There are times when you can get a triple play however that would require two plays prior where the teams were stuck in their respective designations offense/defense. I will say it is a game of athletes however you are not required to be spectacularly athletic in order to play (even professionally) most are athletic. Baseball qualifies as a sport under the classic definition as the word spot comes from the word disport meaning pastime or entertainment. However if you use this classical definition you can classify almost anything as a sport all the way from hot dog eating contest to thumb war to Nascar to football to a wet t-shirt contest etc etc. I feel the term sport needs redefinition to include the offense/defense one play switch.

  • Baseball is not a sport. It is only a game.

    It is not a sport because it does not involve constant movement. There is way to much time spent in the dugout just sitting around IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME. When you're in the outfield you stand around waiting for a ball to come to you and when it does you literally pick it up off the ground or catch it out of the air and throw it to a base and then you wait for another ball to come to you again. All you do is wait for a ball to come to you. There is also very little contact in the sport. People say that there's contact when running bases but there really isn't a whole lot of contact other than when the catcher blocks home base. Another thing is that when you are up to bat, the pitcher throws a ball right at you at 70-90 mph. Why the hell would that be fun? But most of all baseball should never be even considered a sport because it is no where near physically demanding as other sports such as American football, soccer, rugby, track, competitive cheerleading, gymnastics, tennis, etc. To conclude if anyone says baseball is a sport, correct them to saying it's only a game.

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