• It's a great sport

    Basketball is a widely known sport that everyone can play, even in the paralympics. You hear famous names like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis, and many more. It can be anyone's game, no matter how much you're down by. It's a great way to keep fit and stay healthy. People dream of going to the NBA. It's such an exciting game, filled with buzzer-beaters, blowouts, and ankle breakers. So much can also be learned from the game, such as the correct way to shoot, play defense, and learn all of the different rules. Plus it's an Olympic sport. There's also a wide variety of shots worth different points, like the three point shot, a two point jump shot, and a free throw. You can get paid if you're good enough, or you can play around like the Harlem Globetrotters. It's exciting, entertaining, and easily the best sport in the whole wide world.

  • The best sport

    It is exciting to watch and even play the sport. You enjoy it when you play it and you have fun. It is exciting when people score three pointers or win by the last second. You can also learn while you are watching some game. Basketball is the best sport.

  • Yes It is very fun

    It is fun because you can score and feel good about yourself. When you have the ball you feel like in control of the game. And games always come down down to the final second of the game. And you get a lot of exercise which is very good for you.

  • It is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You get tons of exercise and you also think about who is going to win while the game is going through you also get easier points by doing 1 basket like wow you gotta you just gotta say yes, yes, yes and yes to the best sport in the world #1:)

  • Coolest and Swaggiest Sport.

    It's a cool and mesmerizing sport physically. The lay-up is such a graceful move, the feints with your whole body, the smooth and swag jumpshots and the athleticism needed for dunking. Just a mixture of overall swag and skills that's mesmerizing. The satisfaction you get from a close game and your team hitting the buzzer-beater is incredible.

  • I said yes!!!!!!!

    Because is a sport and everyone can play .And is shipper than others sports and is easy to play and practice with out spend to m u c h , m o n e y. In basketball are important persons too and I'm going to be agree with everyone who say yes in debate

  • Its the best sport

    Everyone can play basketball its a good exercise. You can always play. Buying a basketball hoop. You cant just go buy a football field or baseball field. In basketball you get involved no matter what.Thats why i feel basketball is a very interseting sport to play.Basketball is an awesome sport to play

  • Basketball is the best!!

    Basketball has fitness and builds up your body. It will make you strong and it will help you to not be obese. In basketball, you can meet new friends and help with your teamwork skills.It is a fun sport and you can practice even when there is a big ring!!

  • Basketball is totally a sport

    I bet that all of u who doubt basketball don't see how large they are u will crap your self there huge I know to cause I'm 9 I play for the Oconmowoc Raccons I got the chance to see CP3 Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan u on the court they dedicate there lives to this they r all great people and nice so I'd be quiet cause u don't have the size the effort and the skill to play in the NBA FYI my dream is to play in the NBA

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  • Not a chance

    How could it be the best sport when scoring is meaningless (it happens every 20 seconds). Basketball players cry foul when someone gets within a foot of them. Only sport where a team can score 50 separate times and still lose the game. Any excitement only happens in the last 5 minutes IF it's a close game. Other than that, boring boring boring boring sport.

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  • I dont think so.

    No sport is truly "the best", because it all comes down to personal opinion, but everyone can think what they want to think. In my opinion, soccer, or football to all non-american countries, is the best sport, but thats just me. I personally don't like basketball anyway, but its all a matter of opinion.

  • There is no "best" sport

    I don't think there is such a thing as the best sport. Basketball is a fun sport to play and watch, but so are many others. Each sport has its benefits and an army of devoted fans. Each person has their own tastes when it comes to sports, too. So I guess it comes down to personal taste.

  • Baseball is Best

    Basketball is a great sport. It is fun to play and also relatively easy to play recreationally. Pro basketball players are phenominally gifted athletes. However, baseball is a better sport. Baseball requires a rare combination of hand eye coordination, skill, and mental toughness in order for players to be successful.

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