• The inventive battlefield

    Both Battlefield and Call of Duty are popular online military shooters for many reasons, but the one advantage Battlefield has is that the developers have been careful to take time and effort into each installment that those behind Call of Duty have not bothered with since the original Modern Warfare game.

  • Battlefield, for the win

    Battlefield supplies awesomeness in the form of tanks, aerial warfare, and other specialty options. It is a great game for this reason. Even though there are a few techniques to learn in Call of Duty, Battlefield gives more options to players because you can choose the tank option. Artillery players are welcome.

  • I say battlefield is better.

    It has had destructive environments and vehicles since 2005, call of duty didn't start adding stuff like this until modernwarfare and still doesn't have them in online. People who play call of duty probably don't try other games and say they suck because they aren't call of duty, this is what ModernWarNegro has changed from call of duty fanboy to call of duty fagboy.

  • It has more stuff

    Its cool and its fun to play and when you want to play a game like this with guns and vehicles and weapons and shooty sticks with a big multiplayer map like the conquest game mode its fun and cool and exciting with its stuff who needs zombies when you can struggle to fly a helicopter amirite?

  • It's better content wise and the singleplayer is much better.

    I always loved the fast paced gameplay of Call of Duty. I played Battlefield, yes. But I felt Call of Duty gave me more content to play with. In Battlefield, I could play a forgettable Singleplayer. Over all good coop, and a Multiplayer. But in Call of Duty.. Say Modern Warfare 3? I could play an epic Singleplayer, fun Survival mode, Great spec ops missions returning from MW2, and a Multiplayer mode which is always fun.

  • Call of Duty is a CLASSIC!

    Call of Duty has made it into our hearts with characters that are memorable. Remember when Ghost,and Roach died. EVERYONE WAS SAD! People from Alex Mason to Captain Price they have made their way into our hearts. Call of Duty multiplayer is WAY more fast paced and you can't get run over by your wanna be troll teammates. The customization is better and their is one mor.E thing. GOLD GUNS

  • Up to the gamer

    Even though I have played Call of Duty a lot more than Battlefield, that will not influence my answer to this question and make give one that is biased. I feel when it comes to popular first-person shooters, it is really up to the person playing the game to decide which one works for them.

  • No. I do not believe Battlefield is better than Call of Duty.

    No. I do not believe Battlefield is better than Call of Duty, because Call of Duty is the best game ever made. Call of Duty is the perfect war game. The Graphics are impeccable, no other game comes close. There are hundreds of thousands of people online to play with also.

  • No, they are just games.

    No, Battlefield is not better than Call of Duty, because they are both just games to play for fun. With any video game, there are some people who will like each version. Battlefield has graphics, but Call of Duty has a more in-depth plot. There are aspects that appeal to all types of people.

  • Call of Duty can be better for many reasons.

    In my opinion, I would prefer Call of Duty any day over Battlefield. The reason for this is that I love the storyline of all the games, as well as the gameplay and graphics. In an earlier statement, I too agree that the multiplayer part of the games as well as the zombies portion is excellent, as the stories for all the games are well thought out by Call of Duty's developers. Even so, a large portion of the people who play Call of Duty play for the zombies storyline. I to agree with them, though I also like the storyline of the campaign. Many male and female gamers alike were anticipating the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops II as just for the zombies portion. I hope you enjoyed reading this as to I think no; that Battlefield is better than CoD.

  • No, Battlefield is not better than Call of Duty.

    No, Battlefield is not better than Call of Duty. I would play Call of duty anyday because it has better game play than Battlefield. Call of Duty is also more competitive and fair when it comes down to the game play. Therefore, I prefer Call of Duty anytime over Battlefield.

  • Call of Duty is better than Battlefield

    Call of Duty is the superior battle experience when it comes to gaming. The main reason for this is online play as well as zombie play. Call of Duty hs a large online following to play with teams of friends, to make new friends, as well as play the 'zombie' portion of the game that attracts a lot of players.

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