• Yes, beauty is only skin deep.

    Yes, beauty is only skin deep. The prettiest people do the ugliest
    things. I guess this is because absolute
    power corrupts absolutely, and pretty people are automatically powerful. Beauty gives people power over others. This power makes them shallow and empty
    inside. They start to care only about
    themselves and attaining more and more power.

  • Yes, yes definitely yes!!!!

    So what if some one has lots of pimples or bigger size clothes. Its the inside that matters not what colour your hair is or if you have the newest clothes. Im so sick of people these days just judging every one by what they look like. I mean get to know them and what there personality is like before you go and judge them on there physical apperence, so yes beauty is only skin deep. P.S just a tip don't worry about what others think of you, you only live once so make it count and have fun any and every chance you get

  • Yes!!! It is

    Yes, beauty is skin deep. When you put more effort into your appearance people who don't normally compliment you, compliment you. The packaging does matter. This is a time in which beauty is somehow better. But you cannot lose who you really are in the inside. The beauty of the Trojan Horse fooled many, but its real power came from within. Even though beauty is skin deep, it is important to not lose who you are.

  • Yes, beauty is only skin deep

    Beauty is only skin deep. When you see someone the first thing you judge them on is physical appearance whether you know them or not. That's how most people decide who they'll try to be friends with. They never go up to a person and get to know their personality before judging. I have friends who thinks they're the weirdest person alive because someone judged their looks instead of their personality. So yes beauty is only skin deep

  • Yes, beauty is only skin deep.

    When you think about it some people judge skin."Oh look she's so white and beautiful and that girl over there is hideous she has dark skin oh she must have a bad attitude. " It breaks my heart to see beautiful people feel worthless like they have no purpose in life because someone called them ugly and they believe it's true.

  • We want beauty to be skin deep but...

    In reality beauty does matter, people who don't know you will judge you by the way you look. People who seem more attractive will more likely approached, that doesn't mean they have the best personality, it just shows that beauty isn't skin deep. For example even though the Trojsn horse had power, it's beauty had fooled everyone.

  • Very true .

    I was watching a Sherlock Holmes episode (I don't remember which one) in which Dr. Watson asks Sherlock whether a girl was beautiful. Sherlock Holmes gives a sharp reply saying that 'beauty' is a thing which depends on the person who is judging it. So when you say someone is beautiful you actually mean that the person is beautiful for your own eyes!

  • Beauty is the sum of many things.

    Physical attractiveness is only a part of what makes a person beautiful. Personality, outlook, kindness, and many other things go into the over all package of beautiful. My grandfather always said, "you don't know how ugly a woman is until she starts talking" so so true. Beauty is also very subjective, we all have different tastes.

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