• I hope it dies out

    Being transgender is "cool" for some reason. Some say it's to express yourself, but that is just plain stupid. I hope that this is just a very short fad and will die out after a year or two. Otherwise the pool of able-reproducing humans will eventually become 0. . .

  • It's like a lobotomy, an unnecessary surgery that will eventually die out.

    Just like other unnecessary surgeries from the past, It is a waste of money and will eventually die out.
    If you think you need one then you are also likely insecure about yourself and probably only need a therapist due to the extreme lengths you are willing to go to get attention for yourself.

  • Parents are partially to blame for this fad.

    A child does not have the mental and emotional reasoning needed to make this life-altering decision. Confusion about your identity is normal at a young age, however, once the overzealous parents decide for their child that's where the trouble begins. The parents should be the gatekeepers since the responsibility of their child's welfare is solely on them. Allowing your child to experience puberty organically aligns itself with evolution and natural selection.

  • Escape from Reality

    Kids today (under 25) are running from reality. This is an escape and at the same time buys them a lot of attention as it appears to be in style right now. This will pass. There will always be gay and lesbian folks around and there always has been. But, transgender is really not possible, not really. It's pretend gone wild and thinking that the grass is always greener on the other side-it's not. It's rejection soup to wallow in...To emerge and be part of a group, perhaps for once in your life. Dig deep, trans is not the way out. BTW, I don't dislike anyone based on however they feel about whatever they're feeling as long as they are loyal to their country.

  • There will always be people who falsely claim to have a condition that legitimately exists.

    Just because some people claim to be transgender for attention doesn't mean that transgender people are not real. Sadly, there will always be shallow, self-serving opportunists who make the real deal of any group look bad.

    Real transgender people are not attention-seekers. In fact, most of us try to "pass," a term meaning that we try to blend in with our self-identified genders. Not passing can be very scary because it makes you a target for harassment and discrimination. The entire point of transitioning is to increase your personal comfort and simultaneously help you fit in.

    In my everyday life, I have to be fearful of doctors, nurses, teachers, other students, police officers, and anyone else who might find out my legal gender because there are so many awful people. Within the past week, I had to deal with a nurse who treated me like a freak and my blood pressure reading was abnormally high because I was so uncomfortable.

    Gender dysphoria is a legitimate condition recognized by the American Psychological Association, the authority on psychological knowledge in the United States. It is not a form of delusion, psychosis, or personality disorder. Researchers currently believe that gender identity results from a combination of both biological and environmental factors, meaning that ones gender identity is at least somewhat predetermined.


    From Boston University Medical Center: "The researchers conducted a literature search and reviewed articles that showed positive biologic bases for gender identity. These included disorders of sexual development, such as penile agenesis, neuroanatomical differences, such as grey and white matter studies, and steroid hormone genetics, such as genes associated with sex hormone receptors. They conclude that current data suggests a biological etiology for transgender identity."

  • People dare to be open about themselves more.

    With more and more celebrities coming out as transgender lately, more and more trans people have role models to look up to, and gain more confidence to come out for themselves. This gain in confidence may look like something that's "cool" to do by an outsider, since more people coming out means more confidence for others to do so too, but it by all means is not a fad.

  • Of course not

    If someone gave you the choice of having a life that is easy, or a life that is more difficult, I can almost guarantee that you would choose the easy one. Being trans is not a "fad" and people aren't just doing it for attention. Trans people are hated, and even killed just for being who they are. Many commit or attempt suicide because they can't handle how cruel the world is to them. I don't know how they could. You would have to be incredibly strong to endure that. That said, being trans will not "die out." These people were born trans, and that's not going to change.

  • It's not just a surgery

    Being a transgender isn't some trend or a "cool" thing to do. Being a trans. Is very difficult for many people and isn't just some "thing people do for popularity. There is honestly a lot of people who get bullied and disowned for being transgender. And if you think it's just a "fad" because of how there are more trandgender people now and days, that's cause before it wasn't okay to be transgender. Christ people used to get electroshock therapy for being gay. It wasn;t an accepting time years ago. But now that people are just a little more accepting, more people can actually be who they are.

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