• Escape from Reality

    Kids today (under 25) are running from reality. This is an escape and at the same time buys them a lot of attention as it appears to be in style right now. This will pass. There will always be gay and lesbian folks around and there always has been. But, transgender is really not possible, not really. It's pretend gone wild and thinking that the grass is always greener on the other side-it's not. It's rejection soup to wallow in...To emerge and be part of a group, perhaps for once in your life. Dig deep, trans is not the way out. BTW, I don't dislike anyone based on however they feel about whatever they're feeling as long as they are loyal to their country.

  • I hope it dies out

    Being transgender is "cool" for some reason. Some say it's to express yourself, but that is just plain stupid. I hope that this is just a very short fad and will die out after a year or two. Otherwise the pool of able-reproducing humans will eventually become 0. . .

  • It's like a lobotomy, an unnecessary surgery that will eventually die out.

    Just like other unnecessary surgeries from the past, It is a waste of money and will eventually die out.
    If you think you need one then you are also likely insecure about yourself and probably only need a therapist due to the extreme lengths you are willing to go to get attention for yourself.

  • It's seen as a fix for many problems and reflects obsession about superficial "identities"

    Confused about your sexuality? Maybe, you're transgender. Depressed? Recall that you wanted to be a girl/boy at age 4. Middle age crisis? Try this new thing. Are teachers bugging you that your son is playing with girls? He must be a girl! Add to it obsession with superficial "identities". Somebody can't be anymore an A-student, an engineer, a community organizer, a good parent or just a human being.

    Also, it became easy to obtain a surgery as regulations loosened up. Before, a patient had to live in their chosen gender for 2 years. Now it's sufficient to get a referral from a therapist. Doctor, I want to become a woman - Sure! Fads are a gold mine for the medical industry. But after awhile, people get bored and move on to a new fad. Hell, I already feel that I'm a cat.

    Gender dysphoria is a *rare* disorder when somebody is uncomfortable *about their body* (how can somebody want to become a man, a woman or a goat if they don't even know how it feels like?). Ask a question: if this person were placed on an inhabited island, would they still want to change their gender? Frankly, I didn't meet many (online and offline) who would pass this test.

  • The new anorexia/bulimia, but accepted & celebrated.

    Puberty & teen years are difficult. It is a time when our once familiar bodies change in size, shape and structure. We are on a roller coaster of hormones and we no longer feel like we are in the right body.

    Instead of helping our youth see their way through and learn to accept oneself, we celebrate them for acknowledging the dissonance. We mark puberty as an illness that can be fixed with drugs and surgery. We allow our youth to control/manipulate us as we wrap them into bubble wrap. Resilience dies by the roadside and now they need society to change to make them fit, else they cry out hate and danger.

    These youth are growing up and out. Right now the disisters/detrans are being silenced, but one day there will be enough and they will roar.

  • Psychological discomfort with biological sex seems to "transition" to Gender dysphoria.

    You are the gender(sex) your are biological born as. (unless hermaphroditic or biologically asexual)

    Perhaps more effort could be put into acceptance counselling. Certainly rather than surgical procedures. And perhaps even homosexual counselling - maybe some are uncomfortable self-labelling as homosexual and go the "transgender route".

    Ultimately the raw biology of it all is binary, simple. But sure, preferences, predilections and identity can occupy other points on the curve

  • Humankind existed millions of years without this bullshit

    And now suddenly a generation desperate for some attention jumps on to this "non-gender BS". I am surprised that we are even having this conversation. And for all those of you who say that third gender always existed in the past in countries like India, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about...Really...Just actually spend some time in that country to really understand what an unhuman abhorable thing that really was/is

  • I think they're just confused gay or lesbian people

    I have a female cousin who used to state "I'm a boy" at age 4 or 5. We thought she was just a tomboy and that it might be a phase that she'd grow out of. Today, she's a college sophomore and is "out" as a lesbian female, very happy and the family supports her. She's attracted to women, but that doesn't mean she's a male in a female body. Why go through all the drugs and surgery when you can just accept yourself in the body you were born with?

    Not all tomboys grow up to be lesbians, just as not all "gender-nonconforming boys" will grow up to be gay or bisexual men.

    I think some celebrity parents are doing it to get attention, to try and prove to the world (or to themselves) that they're open-minded and modern.

    It would help if we got rid of gender stereotypes. Maybe your son likes dolls and flowers, or your daughter likes baseball and toy trucks. So what?

  • Transgender fad will slowly die out

    We see too many people claiming to be transgender for various reasons, once they stop getting special treatment, only the real transgenders will be around. And the real ones don't make a big hubbub claiming they should get special treatment. It is just too cool right now to make the media right now about this topic.

  • Why does everyone insist I know what they have in their pants?

    I have never heard a compelling argument in favor of transgenderism. "I always felt like a girl" is not an explanation. Having breasts or a vagina is much like having a bladder or a back; you only think about them when you are using them or they are giving you trouble. If you have always felt more compassionate and nurturing than other boys or men, great! Perhaps your example will free more men to be nurturing and compassionate. Ditto for the competitive or mechanical girl. If you like the feeling of the breeze on your thighs, wear a dress or a kilt or a caftan or a skirt or a muumuu, but don't tell me you are a woman, because you are not. The proof that it is a fad (and, frustratingly, a very 'male' one) is the single-minded, bullying, myopic and demanding way that trans-rights have been shoved into the limelight, and any questioning or disagreement has been thoroughly and aggressively stamped out in such record short time. And transgender people tend to hang around almost exclusively with other transgender and 'queer' people, yet they want the right to enjoy the 'privileges' of their chosen sex, like women's only health clubs, swim times, rape crisis centers, etc, if and when they should decide to use them. The day I go to a community dinner, and find trans-women who have planned it all out weeks before, bought ingredients with their own money, then made food in their own time, coordinated decorating and shown up the day before to do it, come 2 hours early on the day to get everything ready (plus make tea and snacks for the handful of men who grudgingly show up to spend 15 minutes putting up the tables and expect constant thanks and recognition) then served up the meal, run around all during the meal making sure old people who can't make it up to the buffet table get a plate of their favorites taken to them, make sure everyone has a coffee, that they don't need another bun, etc. and stayed so busy they don't sit down themselves, then shyly peek out the kitchen door with tea towels in their hands while some male luminary at the event thanks 'the girls' for all their hard work, then stay 2 hours late cleaning up, packing up leftovers and giving them to those they feel need them most (and any male volunteers) before finally going home, knowing they are on the unofficial committee to do it all again next time. Oh, and they are laughing and joking with the other 'ladies' the whole time, and embarrassed by anything but the most casual thanks. Then, maybe, I will think they have more than the usual amount of woman in them. But I'm not holding my breath.

  • No it's not

    Medical knowledge has increased. Some people jump on the bandwagon, but it's a medically diagnosable and recognisable issue. It;s pretty much just an evolution of psychological practice, and with this new knowledge and a more accepting/tolerant society in many regards, it's how it functions and works now. It's not some concocted fad.

  • It's been around quite a while (And It ain't because it's cool)

    Yes, in India, there is a what is considered to be a third gender, but that's not the only culture to do so. In some Native American cultures, there was a third gender called 'two spirt'. It basically meant that the person with two spirts was part girl, part boy, or something past the binary. There is also a third gender option in Hawaiian and Indonesian cultures.

    Being transgender or non-binary is not a way to get special treatment or to try to be cool. Coming out as this is very hard and not always safe. Transitioning is also extremely difficult socially and physically. If anything, most people who are trans generally don't want a ton of focus on the fact that they were are, in fact, transgender. They just want to be seen as who they are and move on.

    Yes, I believe women should have their own space according to specific health needs, and that not all girls who like masculine things are boys, and not all boys who like feminine things are girls. If you really want to know why people are doing this, look up stories about people coming out, and about stories of some children coming out as well.

  • There will always be people who falsely claim to have a condition that legitimately exists.

    Just because some people claim to be transgender for attention doesn't mean that transgender people are not real. Sadly, there will always be shallow, self-serving opportunists who make the real deal of any group look bad.

    Real transgender people are not attention-seekers. In fact, most of us try to "pass," a term meaning that we try to blend in with our self-identified genders. Not passing can be very scary because it makes you a target for harassment and discrimination. The entire point of transitioning is to increase your personal comfort and simultaneously help you fit in.

    In my everyday life, I have to be fearful of doctors, nurses, teachers, other students, police officers, and anyone else who might find out my legal gender because there are so many awful people. Within the past week, I had to deal with a nurse who treated me like a freak and my blood pressure reading was abnormally high because I was so uncomfortable.

    Gender dysphoria is a legitimate condition recognized by the American Psychological Association, the authority on psychological knowledge in the United States. It is not a form of delusion, psychosis, or personality disorder. Researchers currently believe that gender identity results from a combination of both biological and environmental factors, meaning that ones gender identity is at least somewhat predetermined.


    From Boston University Medical Center: "The researchers conducted a literature search and reviewed articles that showed positive biologic bases for gender identity. These included disorders of sexual development, such as penile agenesis, neuroanatomical differences, such as grey and white matter studies, and steroid hormone genetics, such as genes associated with sex hormone receptors. They conclude that current data suggests a biological etiology for transgender identity."

  • People dare to be open about themselves more.

    With more and more celebrities coming out as transgender lately, more and more trans people have role models to look up to, and gain more confidence to come out for themselves. This gain in confidence may look like something that's "cool" to do by an outsider, since more people coming out means more confidence for others to do so too, but it by all means is not a fad.

  • Of course not

    If someone gave you the choice of having a life that is easy, or a life that is more difficult, I can almost guarantee that you would choose the easy one. Being trans is not a "fad" and people aren't just doing it for attention. Trans people are hated, and even killed just for being who they are. Many commit or attempt suicide because they can't handle how cruel the world is to them. I don't know how they could. You would have to be incredibly strong to endure that. That said, being trans will not "die out." These people were born trans, and that's not going to change.

  • It's not just a surgery

    Being a transgender isn't some trend or a "cool" thing to do. Being a trans. Is very difficult for many people and isn't just some "thing people do for popularity. There is honestly a lot of people who get bullied and disowned for being transgender. And if you think it's just a "fad" because of how there are more trandgender people now and days, that's cause before it wasn't okay to be transgender. Christ people used to get electroshock therapy for being gay. It wasn;t an accepting time years ago. But now that people are just a little more accepting, more people can actually be who they are.

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