• Of course it is okay.

    I don't get why people think it is not. We won't go extinct because not everyone is gay, just like not everyone is straight. There is nothing wrong with loving who you love. Why would being gay be a mistake? I thought your holy God did not make any mistakes?

  • Absolutely it is

    Being gay is ok most gay relationships have a better success rate than straight relationships and gay people are amazing and fun i have gay family and friends so if you say gay is wrong go f**k yourself with a screw driver because gay is absolutely fine and no debate about it

  • Being gay is okay :)

    Honestly, life is too short to worry otherwise. Find someone you love, have fun and make the most out of your time on this planet because that's all we really have.
    I have been told frequently that being gay is a choice but this defies logic, also if we are going to look at it through genes then tell me what gene determines your attraction to the opposite sex. Yes, you could say this is just how nature works but where does this attraction truly stem from and surely if this does exist it gives way to the possibility of being attracted to a variety of different people. There are still may things in science that we do not truly know nor understand.
    If these people are correct in saying it is a psychological choice then the answer to the debate question:"Is being gay okay?" is still most definitely yes. Being Gay is okay. Living life how you choose is okay. You aren't harming anyone through being gay therefore I see no reason why other people should worry about your actions.
    Unfortunately some people are going to disagree but if we spent less time telling people how they should live their life and more time living our own lives better then I truly believe that the world would be a happier place.

  • Yes, its okay.

    First, there is supporting scientific evidence that a person is born with their sexuality. Two, why would someone even choose to be gay when they know there is the possibility they may be physically, emotionally, or verbally harmed? And three, if someone were to be gay, constantly nagging them and making them feel bad about themselves is the same thing as harassing and/or bullying, even if you feel like you have the right intentions.

  • Of course it is

    It's disgusting that so many people think gay is wrong. You all must have an iq of negative three hundred. If gay is unnatural then how come people are born gay every second. You might argue that gay is a choice but tell me when did you chose to be straight. Also were not going to go extinct because of gays you sickening examples of the human race. I'm embarrassed to be the same species as you

  • If you don't want gay marriage to affect you, don't marry a gay guy!!

    There have been psychological studies done for an extremely long time trying to figure out whether being homosexual is a choice or a gene. For those of you who don't know psychology is the study of the brain, behavior, thoughts, emotion, ect. All of those study's that aren't fake point to the fact that homosexuality is not a choice if you don't believe me look it up

  • Why wouldn't it be?

    Of course it's okay to be gay. We have no right to tell people how to identify or who they can or can't love. Having a free choice to do as you please with your life is a human right. Besides, are they hurting anybody? No. They're just trying to be who they are.

  • Yes, gay is okay.

    This topic gets me so heated. Why is it okay for lesbians to be tolerated, but not gays? It's the same thing they love the same sex. Society has it where lesbians are seen as "hot" & gays are seen as "disturbing". Just, no. That's not okay in any form. I feel that you should be able to love whoever you want to. No matter the race, or gender. Love is love.

  • I believe so

    Honestly, I don't know, but I'm open to any idea. To me it seems weird, but that's probably because I'm not really gay. I'm assuming the only difference between a gay man and a straight man (from a strictly male perspective) is that in high school instead of thinking about that girl in your math class a lot, you think about that guy.

  • Gay teen myself

    I'm a gay teen and I believe that what I am is ok. I mean like I'm not different. I love men and I'm a boy. So what is the big deal about it. I mean people who have a problem with it is the problem. I mean tell me how is being gay ruin your life. The wrong people are those who have a problem.

  • No it's not

    Firstly, God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. Moreover, homosexuality defies all laws of nature. Back home in Eastern Europe, being gay is under no circumstance OK or allowed. Most who are found to be gay are either disowned or in some cases killed by their families. To conclude, Gays are not OK but lesbians can be tolerated.

  • No it isn't .

    I am not a gay and I believe that being a gay is just challenging nature ... See , naturally men like women so they marry and give birth to a child who will grow and do the same . It's stupid , I mean how would you like to make out with another guy ( for boys ) . If everyone were gays and lesbians humans shall extinct .

  • Its not OK period

    The left wing acceptance movement was started by Hollywood to give actors better access to abuse young boys. Do some research, Hollywood is full of pedophiles even known actors have been cought in the act buy didn't get sentenced because they have power, connections and better lawyers. Now everyone has had their brain washed by those phedihiles

  • Its adam and eve not adam and steve, people!

    Alright, there are a lot of things wrong here. This question was asked by Adam2isback.. What type of name is that? Seriously dude, that's just sad. I have come to the conclusion that you have been banned for your sad excuse for a username. If you want a good username you must put the first initial of your first name and then put "DogMoney" after that.

    -JDogMoney, Ruler Of Ruler, King Of Kings, Sidekick of JDogMoney2, Checking Out.

    And You're Welcome

  • It is not that much ok

    I have nothing agains the freedom of people to do whatever they want, however when freedoms are pushed too far, weird things start happening. For example a woman that has her entire face covered in piercings considering herself „beautiful” and having horrible scars also being considered something ”beautiful” and a cultural thing.
    I have nothing against homosexual people, I have worked with some who were vrey nice people, while others were absoulte arseholes.
    My problem is the public propaganda and parading this.
    On the long run, this is an attack against the very definition of the family as the fundamental building block of a healthy society.
    Being gay or being obese or being transgender is by no means a reason for ”pride”. I have seen the ”fat acceptance” move rising and all these things are worrrying. Now there are multiple genders invented, this is insane. Being obese cannot possibly be a reason for pride, even in a place where more than half of the population suffers from this problem. The same goes for homosexuality, which is a disorder. The people who are homosexuals I respect them, but the pride thing is a different matter.

  • Biologically, and logically, it isn't

    Listen, I have friends who are gay and stuff and I'm still friends with them but after thinking it through, it's pretty much guaranteed that being gay is a choice. I can't think of anyway to contadict my argument so if you can, please tell me. From an evolutionary stand point, there can be no "gay gene". Throughout all of history, gays have either been persecuted (and killed) or if that did not happen, there was still no way for them to pass on their genes. Although they may not have diminished immediately since some gays might've had no other choice but to reproduce with the opposite sex, but eventually this "gay gene" would've disappeared. Also, if their was a "gay gene" it would've most likely been discovered as a gene determing SEXUAL ORIENTATION is quite important and most likely would've been reseached intensively. However, this is not the case as still to date, no "gay genes" have been discovered. I'm not here to say that if your gay, it's due to a mental aspect. Nonononono. If you truly believe that you are what you are, great. You be you. But from the looks of things, you probably made a choice to love someone of your sex, not because you were born that way, but becaus you chose to. Of course, this is the case until someone proves me wrong which could be highly possible. If your gay, don't take this offensively but consider and try, just once, to see if you are straight.

  • It is wrong

    I'm gay and I believe it's not natural and should not be accepted. People like me should not be tolerated and given rights, especially gay marriage. Men having sex with each other is just wrong and not right. We are ill, and nobody should support us. Don't believe the people who say it's right.

  • Don't be a fag

    Gays have no place in society, the majority of the world does not accept these kind of abnormal behaviors, laws should be reinstated criminalizing these affronts to nature. Gays spread disease physically and mentally and needs to be stopped. Gays should make a choice stop being gay or remove yourself from the world.

  • It is in error

    If you are gay please run away from a immoral sinful lifestyle, because at the end of your life there is going to be a burning hell full of hot flames with demon hands reaching tearing your flesh and bones apart with blood lust , bugs will be tearing into your flesh with screaming pain, extreme burning and smell of flesh will be imminent you will be Satan's puppet at the edge of his knife. If your a man choose masculinity, if your a women chose feminine. Man is created by the divine creator, there are always repercussions to all of our sins, we cant live in a make pretend world where everything we do is ok.

  • Gay is noy ok

    Lemme telll you all a story. My sister had a boyfriend called andrew. Andrew loved my sister so mutch and one day he decided he wanted to propose to her. THat night,, they both said i have to tell you somthing and my sister said im lesbian and he was so heartbroken he had already hired a weding planer and spended all his money on bying them a house and a ring. 5 years later, my sister realised that she wasnt lesbian but she actually loved andrew. She went to his parents house and asked where is andrew and the mom said he killed himself the night that she left him because he wanted to propose. My sister was so sad and felt so guilty. She killed herself too so she could say sorry to andrew. RIP my sister and Andrew. Gay is crap it ruins everything

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