• Do not bother reading this.

    I know the proper response is no, I just wanted to be the only over here. Morals are a belief system within one's self that tells them whether or not something should be done, and this can sometimes in fact include violence. Also, to get through to you guys...


  • Morality has a deeper meaning than just being "violent"

    Sacrifice. This word can come about as insane when some peacekeepers suggest it to solve problems. But the truth is, morality is having both hindsight and foresight, then making the decision. In an interview, Gandhi was asked one of the hardest questions in his life, "What would he do to stop Hitler?"
    His suggestion was to take seven Jews to a cliff and have them all jump off, guilting Hitler into halting his schemes. I personally think this would've worked, but its hard to say. And that's the reason people called him crazy because it was such an intense risk and he had no problem suggesting it. But that is probably one of the greatest examples of morality in history. Others refused to understand that sometimes, sacrifices have to be made for the greater good. I'm sure if the Jews really wanted their freedom, some may have chosen to do so.

  • Using violence is rarely moral, but morality is more than that.

    The people who fight wars in what they believe in and to protect others have no choice but to use violence. Violence itself should be avoided however.

    Emotional abuse isn't exactly violent but is clearly harmful. If a mom tells her child that he should of been aborted and his existence is a drag on her life because he is a selfish b word, that isn't moral.

    Nor is theft, of which doesn't need to be violent.

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