• Yes, Belgium is a beautiful place.

    Donald Trump's comments about Belgium being a beautiful city prove that Mr. Trump needs to brush up on his world Geography. However, Belgium is still a very beautiful country with a rich society and history. Therefore, Trump's heart was in the right place when he referred to the country as a beautiful city.

  • Yes, Its has a beautiful city.

    It seems everything Donald Trump says is doubted a lot, even if he says the sun will rise tomorrow others will still doubt. This time he was right, Belgium in general is a beautiful country and its capital Brussels, the headquarter of European Union is on of the beautiful cities in the word.

  • Yes, Belgium is gorgeous

    Belgium is a gorgeous country that never ceases to amaze me whenever I visit. There is an ancient aura about it that is absolutely breathtaking. That being said, I do not why anybody would think that the country is not beautiful, or why this fact would even come into question.

  • Belgium is not a beutiful city, as Donald Trump has proclaimed.

    No, Belgium is not a beautiful city. The inherent flaw that Belgium has as a city is that it isn't one. Belgium is a country. Donald Trump may want to refresh himself on a little geography if he expects to be elected as the next President of the United States.

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