• Honestly, I haven't played the game, but still...

    I have not played the game, but I have watched videos and read the Fandom wikia site for it. I say it is scary. That old studio has an evil vibe to it, and the ink machine and "Bendy" have an even more so evil vibe. It is pretty good, however "scary" and "creepy" have a fine line between the two: creepy is defined as "causing unpleasant feelings of fear or unease", and scary is defined as "frightening, causing fear". Not the same, but not that different either. So you COULD say the game is scary, but it could also be called creepy.

  • Eh, just need to be patient...

    Right now, the game isn't really scary. Creepy, yes, but not scary. However, only two out of five chapters have came out. AND Chapter 2 is scarier than Chapter 1. I think that Chapter 3 might become scary. Besides, I'm glad that jumpscares aren't that common in the game. Jumpscares are just a cheap way to scare somebody. True horror games make the game scary, not just full of jumpscares.

  • It does not have enough jump scares!

    I know myself that bendy and the ink machine insnt scary because ive seen both the chapters that are out right now, and let me tell you: this game isnt scary enough. The storyline is really good but the game istself nope, not scary enough. What do you think, yes or no?

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