• Senator Sanders exemplifies many positive traits to the benefit of those who go after him.

    Regardless of one's political alignment, just about anyone who watched Bernie Sanders run a presidential campaign was respectful and even awestruck by how he far exceeded expectations. He ran a campaign that energized millions, based on a platform of beliefs that are widely admired by Americans, and was gracious in defeat and went on to support the party's nominee. In addition, his many years of public service in politics are seen by many as a role model for aspiring elected officials.

  • Yes, Bernie Sanders is a good role model.

    Whether one agrees with his political views or not, Bernie Sanders remains a good role model due to his integrity and his track record. He sticks to what he says and does not vacillate on issues according to popular trends. Sanders proved his integrity by his willingness to go to prison for his beliefs about civil rights. He is a man of his word when truthfulness is a rare and refreshing quality among political figures.

  • Yes, he is.

    Bernie Sanders is a man of both integrity and principle, and that is why he is my role model. He represents an ideal that we should all aspire to. Not hateful, but loving. Not ignorant, but understanding. Not cruel or cowardly, but kind. He’s willing to listen to and consider different points of views, and he’s willing to stand up for what’s right, even if he has no hope of reward.

  • He's a little crazy.

    I don't think Bernie Sanders is a good role model because he has all these crazy ideas, but in all of his years as a senator, he hasn't had one of his bills passed. Voters admired his ideas, but the Senate never supported him, even when the majority was Democratic. You're not a role model if you don't accomplish anything.

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