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  • No, Bernie Sanders is not a Trump supporter

    No, Bernie Sanders is not a Trump supporter. That's the most unbelievable thing I've ever heard. Bernie Sanders supports neither Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump but endorsed Hillary Clinton because she is a Democrat and is the lesser of two evils. Donald Trump is everything Bernie Sanders does NOT support.

  • Bernie Sanders doesn't endorse Donald Trump

    Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump may have a lot in common: they are both controversial political figures who have inspired divisions within their respective parties. These surface similarities aside, Sanders is quite different from Trump because of his own Independent Party leanings, and as a result he would not support "the Donald" in the least.

  • Bernie Sanders is not a Trump supporter

    Is Bernie Sanders a trump supporter? Is this question a joke? Bernie Sanders is the antithesis of the Donald Trump. Both men could not be more different. Where Sanders is a socialist who expects the government to take care of him, Trump advocates self worth, work ethic and accountability. God help us all if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

  • Bernie Sanders Cannot and Will Not Supoort Trump

    For Bernie Sanders, to support Donald trump would be a disrespect to the Democratic Party, and those who support it. It would destroy Sanders reputation, and Trump would not accept or regard Sanders' support, only disavow it. Each presidential candidate has a duty to their party to stay loyal and not switch or make any action that defeats their party.

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