• Yes, he is.

    Marijuana is a safe recreational drug that also has many medical benifits. It has few side effects, does not cause brain damage like previously thought, and is not as addictive as most drugs. It has also never killed anyone, either by OD or otherwise. The war on drugs has ruined the lives of many people and cost lots of money.

  • Yes, the legalization of medical and recreational use of marijuana will help end unfair incarceration policies

    It is widely accepted that the war on drugs, including marijuana, has been ineffective and detrimental. The United States incarcerates far too many people for possession and use of currently illegal drugs, including marijuana. Incarceration has no rehabilitative effect, and citizens with a criminal record stemming from possession or use of marijuana and other illegal drugs face daunting obstacles in employment and housing. Marijuana has medical uses, just like other currently approved medications, that may assist people in managing chronic and debilitating conditions. Bernie Sanders believes we should repeal the federal ban on possession and personal use of marijuana, legalize the use of medical marijuana, and allow states to decide on legalization of marijuana for recreational use. These changes in policy would end unfair criminalization and allow citizens to manage their health needs with their doctor's advice, free of the fear of criminal repercussions. There are no negatives to marijuana legalization; marijuana use has not stopped due to its illegality, and the penalties for drug use and possession do more harm than good to both medical and recreational users.

  • Yes, Bernie is right on marijuana

    Bernie supports medical marijuana use nation wide which makes sense. If highly addictive drugs like oxycontin are legalized, there is no reason marijuana should not be legalized as well. And as far as recreational marijuana, he is for lifting the federal ban and letting each individual state decide which to me makes sense.

  • He is wrong.

    I think that Bernie Sanders is completely wrong about the legalization of marijuana. I have no problem with the drug being used on a prescription basis by those with real medical problems. However, it does not need to be used recreationally. No good can come of it, especially for teens and young people.

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