• That's why she is the queen bey!

    Beyonce has been in this industry longer than Rihanna, so by experience wise, Beyonce is better than Rihanna. Besides that, when we look at the who has thee most NUMBER 1 albums, the winner is Beyonce with 4 consecutive Number 1 albums whereas Rihanna stands alone with 1 (Unapologetic). Moving on, now lets see Beyonce has 17 GRAMMY awards compared to Rihanna who earned only 6. The reason why I chose GRAMMY awards over the other awards is because GRAMMY is the biggest point in music industry. On the next level, Beyonce doesn't need a featured artist to pull of a hit. Rihanna on the other hand, collaborates with everyone and anyone she knows to keep her music carpet flying. When it comes to performing live, without question and hesitation, the anonymous answer we'll get is Beyonce does it better than Rihanna. Beyonce sells music with the power of her voice unlike Rihanna who uses the power of skin. Beyonce's Mrs. Carter Show World Tour has been sold out just in seconds the ticket went for sale. And when did Rihanna had a sold out tour? None! Beyonce writes most of her hits by herself unlike Miss Riri pay others to write it for her. Beyonce manages herself unlike Rihanna who hired Queen Bey's hubby Jay-Z to manage her career. Beyonce makes millions of money and dancing her way to Forbes list whereas Rihanna is yet to make a debut.

  • Beyonce is not called the Queen for nothing.

    She's better in music, body, moves, relationships, and in fact in everything. Rihanna wants to be like her but it's no contest at all. Rihanna is really trashy. Rihanna is not even as beautiful as she is. Really guys this is no contest; Beyonce wins. She always wins. Nice contest though

  • Beyonce is much better.

    Beyonce has been around longer, and is more well-known. She has a better sound, in my personal opinion is much more pleasing on the ears. In all honesty, I don't really like either of them so in a way it's choosing the lesser of two evils. In my opinion, it doesn't take much to be better than Rihanna.

    Posted by: Misa
  • Beyonce Is Better

    Beyonce is a better entertainer than Rihanna. She is a much better singer and dancer than the latter. She is also much more popular, in the states and overseas. Beyonce has also been in several movies, something Rihanna has yet to do. Beyonce is better until Rihanna steps her game up.

  • This is an insult to Beyonce

    Let's talk about range. Beyonce sings 4 octaves, Rihanna sings 3 octaves. Now let's talk technique. I've heard both of them sing live. Beyonce manages to dance, flip and do all that but STILL stays on key. Rihanna can't sing for a minute without going breathless and off key. No one in this generation does more complex vocal runs or chest belts than Beyonce (Listen, I Was Here, Love On Top). There's no vocal performance of Rihanna's that beats these three songs. No one today does a vibrato like Beyonce. Given these stats alone, anyone who knows anything about the technicalities of music knows it is an insult to Beyonce to compare her to Rihanna.
    Plus who said Rihanna dances better than Beyonce? I fear for you my friend! You might have cataracts! Rihanna has sold more records, fine, but Madonna has sold more records than Whitney; does that mean Madonna is more talented than Whitney? Hell no! The only thing Rihanna does better than Beyonce is that Rihanna is a chameleon and she evolves. Beyonce is too much of a perfectionist to evolve. Oh, and Rihanna is the biggest style icon of our generation. But when it comes to REAL RAW TALENT, you have to be on crack or consumed with hate to say Rihanna is more talented.

  • What kind of question is this?

    Beyonce is better than rihanna. She's older than her, richer, a better singer, dancer, popualr than her. She is the best entertainer of this generation. She is in the top 5 for best singers in the whole world. Beyonce can make your sale go higher in just a few seconds. Rihanna is good, but Beyonce is great. Rihanna even did a tribute to Beyonce before. Beyonce has been in business for a long time than rihanna.

  • Rihanna is best

    Rihanna is better than beyounce she has better style than beyounce rihanna has a better singing voice than beyounce dont let me say it she has her own better dancing moves she even made movies and shes in movies but her movies are better and greater .A lot of songs!

  • Beyonce all the way

    Beyonce doesn't go around showing off her boobs for the world to see. She doesn't need to go around exposing herself (like Rihanna). Beyonce's style is actually a style, not just a way to draw more attention to herself. She has a family, has experienced multiple hardships, and writes songs about them. She is a REAL queen.

  • Is this even a question?

    The million dollar question starts with a statement: Beyoncé has proved time and time again that she is worthy of the alias/title we give her: Queen Bey. Whether it was another number one single, another surprise album(which would go platinum) or simply another flawless concert/performance ... Pregnant or not, Beyoncé is not just another entertainer... She is a queen. Rihanna will never do HALF of what Beyoncé does, and that's fact.

  • Is this even a question?

    The million dollar question starts with a statement: Beyoncé has proved time and time again that she is worthy of the alias/title we give her: Queen Bey. Whether it was another number one single, another surprise album(which would go platinum) or simply another flawless concert/performance ... Pregnant or not, Beyoncé is not just another entertainer... She is a queen. Rihanna will never do HALF of what Beyoncé does, and that's fact.

  • Never in a million years!!

    Rihanna is by far better than Beyonce! Beyonce may have a stronger singing voice but that's it. Rihanna is the most unique and original artist in the music indutry. She has 7 albums and every album she sings different genres, Pop, Rock, Dance, R&B, Soul, Ballads. Electronika, Dupstep etc., Beyonce is singing R&B for like 15 years! She doesn't change and she's boring! Rihanna also dances better, she has her own carribien dancing moves, while Beyonce shakes her ass. Rihanna also sold twice more records than Beyonce (200 million!!) and she's one of the best selling artist of all time at the age of 25!! Did i mention she's only 8 years in the music businees?

  • Wake up people

    Rihanna has 13 no 1s and is literally the best selling artist besides the classics (micheal jackson, the beatles etc.) she has broke records so many times and in so many different ways that i cant even name them all. She has been the main voice in 1 movie and that movie is already becoming very successful. We found love is the 24th most popular song OF ALL TIME. Wake up people. Rihanna also has amazing vocals and is awesome. And she doesnt use other artists to get hits, other artists use her. Just look at how many peoples songs she hs featured on compared to how many people feature on her songs. Drake only has 1 no1 song and thats thanks to rihanna. Out of her 13 no 1s, only 5 of them have other people. Rihanna has 188mil record sales, bey has 75 mil or 135 mil with destinys child. Now she has been in the music industry for much longer and even with destinys child she doesnt have as many as rihanna. Come on people. This proves rihanna is better than bey

  • Rihanna has 13 number one in span of 8 years!

    Rihanna for me is better than bey because rihanna is unique and has a very interesting charisma. Im tired of beyonce belting out words and for its too much. I like rihannas soft and rest voice. And not to mention rihanna has 13 number one singles in span of 8 years.

  • Rihanna is better.

    In my opinion, Rihanna is better than Beyonce. To be honest, I haven't listened to Beyonce's music very much, because I believe it's not anything too unique, and also I don't remember myself to listen her songs on the radio ever. In addition, Rihanna has an AMAZING voice, and I enjoy listening her on live shows better than in the studio.If somebody does not agree with me, then he has not listened to her songs so much, so he can't have an opinion about her. Also, Rihanna does not have a specific type of music, she can sing everything and that is what she does. Beyonce does the same thing all over again. Furthermore, I don't think that Rihanna is a worse professional than Beyonce. I know that Bey is more years in the music industry, but I believe 8+ years are enough to be a perfect professional.

  • Rihanna is the queen

    Beyonce may call herself queen, but Rihanna is the real queen! Just because Beyonce is making new albums every year to get more famous, dosen't mean Rihanna isn't better. Rih is soon coming with a new album and with this one album she's going to get more popular than Beyonce. She get more popular by making one album when she hasn't made it in a while. Beyonce has to make it many times to be better. So when R8 is coming, Rihanna is going to be on the top again. Right navys?

  • Rihanna is better

    Riri is simply the better musician. She can mix all sorts and yet make enough sense for her to be cherished. Her collabos attest to this fact. On the other hand, Beyonce is somewhat monotonic and boring. We always know what to expect from her. Rihanna splits the ice for me.

  • You can´t compare simply as that!

    They are both great singers, both unique, both amazing in their own way. Maybe Beyoncé is better in some things and Rihanna in anothers, but music is so omnibus that you just can´t compare great singers as they are, in order to be fair. Music is more spiritual than calculating.

  • Black Madonna #queen of the 21st century

    As far as stats go... Beyonce might be better... But rihanna is only 26 years old and beyonce is in her 30's... Rihanna still has a long way to go and she's already accomplished so much ... She's our black Madonna and I know. She has so much more to show us #rihannanavy

  • Rihanna has tied Michael Jackson on number one hits!

    Both are great, but Beyoncé's career is declining whereas Rihanna's keeps growing stronger. She tied Michael Jackson with 13 number one hits! Beyoncé is not close even adding solo + Destiny's Child number ones. Rihanna has been active for much less time than Beyoncé, so the possibilities are endless. She might even tie Mariah's at second place with 18 number ones.

  • Beyonce isn't better than beyonce

    Because rihanna has special talents ... Specialities beyonce hasn't
    rihannas performances are amazing and she is always there for her fans. She never forgot her fans after fame. She she walks down of stage and performed and parties with her fans. Something for example beyonce doesn't do. So that's why it is rihanna. That is a real queen.

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