• Yes, BFG is a very nice movie

    BFG, which stands for Big Friendly Giant, is a new movie directed by Steven Spielberg. This movie reminded me of classic fantasy adventure films, such as Hook or Goonies. Beside being funny and exciting, it is also very heartwarming experience. In the age where movies started to forego substance over visual appeal, it is nice to finally have a movie which combines both.

  • Yes, BFG is worth seeing.

    Yes, BFG is worth seeing at the theater. The special effects will impress adults, and children will love the story. This movie is appropriate for the entire family to see. Parents can read the book with their children first and then take them to see the movie so that children also develop a love for reading.

  • Yes, BFG is worth seeing.

    BFG is a wonderful adaptation of a great children's story written by one of the best authors for children. Besides the stunning effects and beautiful imagery, there is plenty of excitement and good storytelling to keep viewers of all ages enthralled. It is sure to become a children's movie classic.

  • No, BFG is not a movie worth seeing

    Some stories are better enjoyed in book form rather than at the movies. The creative mind allows us to imagine the story through the book and the movie interferes with that process. The author R. Dahl has many classic stories that children can enjoy but this movie will not be a success.

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