• I Saw Bigfoot

    The other day me and my buddy Jebediah were hunting out yonder in the woodlands and we saw a big hairy creature lurking around. At first we just thought it was old Uncle Cletus who got lost on the way to the out house again but when we got up close and personal we saw that it was a real live big foot! Now Jeb and I had been throwing back a few cold ones but I'm pretty sure that it was the real shebang. If I ever see that there Eurolander again I'm gonna kill him and mount him on my wall for all the world to see.

  • He is I think.

    Some people can't create it. And there are so much evidence. Pictures. Videos. And I think the movie Harry and the Herendersons is based on findings of the one and only Bigfoot. But are there more of his species. So my argument believes he is and I am not going to change my mind, because I believe he is real.

  • Bigfoot is just another type of mammal and is 100% real!

    Bigfoot is just another type of mammal and is not dangerous and will kill you like they say. Bigfoot is surprisingly more scared of us than we are scared of him. That's why whenever we try to find him, we fail because he runs from us from location to location. Like I said, he's harmless as long as you keep your distance and he's just another type of mammal

  • Because no one can prove they aren't real

    Too many opinions and facts to divulge, lots of credible witnesses, unexplained noises, footprints and sightings! Science has proven that they are possible whether more man or more ape or a Neanderthal man/ape mix. And why don't we find them when we look, the same reason we can't find our car keys when we lose them, you find them when you aren't looking, things happen unexpectedly, spontaneously not always when you want and expect! Whose to say they don't exist, I challenge anyone to prove they don't, and I guarantee the population of the earth can't prove they aren't a living, breathing species.

  • Anything is possible

    There are many species of animals that we have just discovered recently like the bili ape from Congo. Something has to be responsible for all these strange missing persons cases and sightings. Also there have been fossils of other humanoids that date back only a couple thousand years. A bit foot monster probably doesn't exist but a weird animal we don't know about yet could.

  • I believe Bigfoot is real

    Not only do ancient people from every continent (besides Antarctica obviously) have myths and legends pointing to a Bigfoot like creature but recent DNA evidence found in the U.S suggests that Bigfoot is actually an ancient Hominid relative of ours. The DNA study conducted by Melba Ketchums team (despite obviously getting some bad press) is hard to argue with and I recommend anyone interested to study an unbiased review of the results. Bigfoot sightings is no recent thing, different cultures separated by countless miles have known of them since ancient times. From America and the Sasquatch, to the Asian Yeti and other various interpretations, to the Australian Yowies and the Wild-men of Europe and the Grey-Men of Scotland the shear spread of these stories alone is something worth considering.

  • Bigfoot is in Fact Real

    Bigfoot is real I have been doing research for years and I have had encounters and it's not like people would make this up and use such incredible detail if it wasn't real or if there wasn't anything close to it in resemblance. So in fact Bigfoot is a real creature.

  • It's could be

    Real, because we have a lot of animals we discover every year. I believe Bigfoot is just like us and monkeys, but only like other species some our bigger and some are stronger. Why do you think all around the world they have some form of Bigfoot. If you think just because most videos are blurry it's because the camera man is proble scared crazy, also they must be faster than us. If you think they are just a story and we don't have any proof but do you have proof they aren't real ?

  • Bigfoot do exist!

    I say that Bigfoot does exist because scientists have been doing DNA and found information about bigfoot . The video I saw today about Bigfoot was that a lot of investigators saw a huge creature just like us human on the forests. So I do think Bigfoot exists. THEY ARE NOT MYTHS!

  • I think its real because I have been looking all over the Internet and in certain places Bigfoot is real. In my opinion he's real.

    People who think no your wrong Bigfoot is real its real in West Virginia and some other places he's real. The videos and pictures on the Intranet that's evidence that Bigfoot is real. Out of the whole world most people think Bigfoot is real. I know Bigfoot is out there.

  • Bigfoot is fake

    People actually believe that a human gorilla that can walk is real. It's just a fairy tale. You think that a gorilla in the woods is going to jump out and kill you. Only 9 and 8 year olds believe in him. Just really the story's are so fake. In every YouTube video the Bigfoot is always in a different suit

  • That's the stupidest thing iv'e ever heard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It makes me sad that i'm fucking human too! I hate everyone that thinks that it's real... If you're really the ignorant then i'm sorry, you can't fix stupid I guess.. Everyone that thinks that is the reason that every one sucks ass and that's never going to change. Fuck everyone

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  • Yes he does

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  • I dont belevie in him

    I dont belive in him becuse he is just a fack person and he is just in a sout so people can try to ho wast there time and look for him and that is way they have a tv sgower about a fack person in a sout so it will try to scard us

  • Bigfoot is a myth

    Their is no possible way that its real because if you watch videos in you tube you can tell that big foot is fake. We are working on Bigfoot in school and we found out that its fake so if that doesn't help you I don't know what does ?

  • No credible evidence.

    Just about every claimed big foot sighting causes numerous people to flood the area from multiple directions. It becomes a virtual manhunt as they comb every inch of the area not only from land but by air. They come with just about every gadget known to man including infrared, and trap cameras. Clearly this would rule out any theory that they were hiding as they would not be able to hide their body heat, and would return to normal behavior once they did not notice the presence of man. This is why those devices pick of evidence of other animals but not a big foot.
    Even actions that are not big foot related would provide evidence. For instance hunting for other animals. Many of the places where big foot have been claimed are also common hunting areas. Some people use trap cameras to see what animals live in the area. You would think that some of these cameras would show up-close evidence of a big foot if they exist. Another hunting factor is that they come to the area armed with guns. Many inexperienced hunters have shot other animals and humans by mistake. I could see how a person hunting for bear would shoot one by mistake or if they feel that their lives are in jeopardy, like a bear attack. For instance, if I was in the woods and heard a large animal in the area, I would have my gun ready and keep a close eye out for any large furry animals. Clearly, if they did exist, some would have been shot by hunters. Further, many animals are killed by other means. Attacked by other animals, accidental deaths, and many are killed by cars. With all the possible ways one could die, we would clearly have some kind of specimen to examine. Yes, we are finding new species every now and then but these tend to be in uncharted areas of the world. In contrast, big foot sightings tend to take place in well charted areas.

    Look, we have evidence of creatures that have not existed for millions of years yet no viable evidence of something that is claimed to live today? Sure, you have some people who claim to have hair or some other evidence but they tend to fade away when put to any scientific testing. Ever wonder why big foot pictures tend to be so blurry? If the photographer actually put them in focus, you would likely see the zipper. Sorry but without actual evidence, the claim can easily be dismissed.

  • He isn't REAL PEOPLE!!!

    He is probably just a gorilla that can walk with big feet. OK. So just stop being such know-it-alls about this. Alot of things are possible but Bigfoot is not real. Just because you see all these dumb pictures doesnt mean a thing. People could just be dressing up and taking pictures. Or drunk people in the woods think a bear is big foot. So dont worry about it.

  • Big foot isn't real.

    There is no evidence of Big Foot being real. An animal that big would not be able to survive this long without being discovered. Even if it was real at one point it isn't anymore. Big Foot is a myth and everyone who believes in big foot should stop believing in him BC HE IS NOT REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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