• OIl is causing our world to fall apart.

    Wars have been caused because of big oil. America is too concerned about getting oil and having control over territories that have oil, rather than coming up with alternative energy options. While this dilemma has improved over the years, especially in states like California where a lot of wind energy options are available, Americans still have work to do. Solar power, electric cars, and other options should be more readily available to all individuals throughout the United States.

  • The big oil companies hold too much power over domestic and worldwide events.

    The extreme wealth and financial impact of the major oil companies is too extreme. Domestic and worldwide policies too often are centered around the political lobbying and impact of the big oil companies. The financial markets react accordingly to both positive and negative events surrounding oil. Political and financial wellbeing are held hostage by these constraints. No industry or corporate groups should hold that much power over the rest of us.

  • Big Oil has a lot of control

    Oil is the foundation of power in our society today, it is a precious natural resource and it is used in gasoline, roads, plastics, synthetics, and much more. Only a few big companies have a grip on oil production in the United States, and since oil is so precious they can leverage power for the good and for the bad in terms of energy innovation. It will be a lot harder to convert to clean energy with big oil having so much power and wealth.

  • This question does not make sense

    I can only assume the question should be "Is big Oil too powerful?". If this is, in fact the question, then no, I do not believe big Oil is too powerful Big Oil as an industry does not have the authority or power to act on behalf of any country, and further does not have any bargaining power with any one entity.

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