• It opens doors.

    Yes, I believe that bilingual education is beneficial, because it gives children opportunities later on. The children learn not to be afraid of other cultures. They learn that they are capable of learning a new language. The skills can help them secure jobs as adults when they enter the working world.

  • Bilingual education is beneficial

    Learning two languages can not be a negative thing. Almost all social interactions involve speaking to another person. By limiting the people you can speak with, you limit yourself to the people you can interact with. Breaking down communication barriers can lead to better relations between countries or even promote cultural equality.

  • It helps to be bilingual.

    Bilingual education is important because it allows you to communicate with others that you may be around a lot. It helps in jobs where you may be working with people that speak another language. It also helps in society where you may be friends with, or are around, people that speak another language.

  • Too Many Americans are Monolingual

    In Europe, it is common for people to know and use three or even more languages. The same is true for many parts of the world. It is only in the United States that monolingualism gets defended. Speaking more than one language allows people to communicate better with each other. Understanding more than one language also helps a person understand and use his/her native language better. Militant monolingualism such as what gets practiced in the United States is a fundamentally selfish stance.

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