Is Bionicle the best toy series for Lego and the world?

Asked by: LegoJpl
  • The sets are amazing and the story is intense.

    Bionicle, in my opinion, is by far the best toy series I've encountered, not only from Lego, but in general. The story is very complex yet fans can simply take a simpler route if they don't want to be too invested with it. The sets, although becoming more pricey through time, were amazing and really showed a different side of Lego. As the theme that saved Lego, Bionicle will forever be remembered and loved by its fans and the team who made it.

  • Yes they are easy to build and fun to play with.

    There are lots of different types you can collect and you can have great fun remaking the bionic less to make bigger and better monsters than your friends. Lego bricks can get boring after a while but with bionic less they never get boring. They are cheaper than Lego and at an affordable price. I think that bionicles are much better.

  • Bioncile is the best

    Bionicile is not only the greatest Lego product of all time, it is perhaps the greatest toy ever created. Bionicile truly transcends boundaries, both culturally and socially. Without Bionicle, many of the worlds most creative and ingenious devices and innovations may have never even occurred. To think a small Lego toy could do so much.

  • Not done like this before

    A toy series like Bionicle has not been done like this before. The story is so well planned that the toys were so well made with the story. The design of the set looks so beautiful that it's so awsome, cool, and irresistabel. The lessons that you learn from the stories are lessons that everyone should learn.

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