• Both white and black power are racist

    We have seen videos of riots with people chanting white power and violently attacking black. We have seen videos of people chanting black power and violently attacking whites. We don't understand how people can't see both as racists. To counter with those are isolated incidents on either side is rediculous. Anytime there is a separations caused by skin color that is racist. Black history month =racist. It should be all year. If there was a white history month that would be racist. There is also no such thing as reverse racism it's made up. Any act based on race is racist. Yes we even consider affirmative action racist. That is hiring based on skin color. We believe only a blind fool can't see it. The was written by two people. We do not share a race and don't care about that. It's only best friends stating our mind together .

  • Yes it's most definitely racist.

    The "Black Power" Ideology is the product of frustration, anger, and resentment against white people. That's how it feels to white people, and if "White Power" feels racist to black people then we both should just refrain from putting the word power in front of our race. Because lets get real here people, we don't need our race to make us feel powerful or like we belong somewhere. Who we are, our worth, is not defined by race.

  • Yes it is

    If you concider it being racist to shout white power than it is equally racist to shout black power. It sugests that black would be the supperior race wich the aryan chart clearly says is wrong. Nordic white with blonde hair is the ideal look for a human. The darker your hair the worse. Eventually it leads into skin colour. 1 white, 2 asian, 3 brown and 4 black. I personally think that arabic brown is the worst but I guess people have different opinions. The point is that black people should not say black power if they don't want us whites to shout white power. We won't shove it in their faces but we all know that white is the supreme race and that the darker you get the worse.

  • It is racist by defiinition. Use logic, not propaganda.

    Racism: "the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or race". Therefore, any preference of racial empowerment because they are a member of that race, are forms of collectivism and superiority, which are by definition racist. Especially, if one uses government coercion to enforce those preferences.

    The illusion of racial collectivism only continues to pit one group against the other as the logical conclusions are segregation or the formation of a new nation state, which black nationalists, the fourth largest hate group identified by the SPLC, advocate. Racial power is actually a fascist concept, as groups retreat from the alienation caused by socialist globalism, towards empowerment and collective in group preference. The rise of nazisim was in part a direct response to the rise of the fabian movement in the west and bolshevism in the USSR. History repeats itself today.

  • What's really wrong?

    Honestly it sucks to be white and poor too. Cops really got it rough and my heart goes out to black cops because of the hatred they're shown from both sides. How would things look like if we focused on what's really killing black people the most? It's easier to point fingers and blame somebody else but when it comes down to it it's all about money and control and what are you being distracted from. If all the cop on black deaths stop, will someone make a big deal about how many blacks are killing other blacks? Probably not because that isn't what the media wants to program into everyone's heads. As civilized as a society we have become we have also been so manipulated by the media. Turn your t.v. off and love your fellow man.

  • Yes it is indeed racist.

    Any ideology that promotes racial supremacy is racist. Although, I do not see any positive applications for the concept of "Black Power", I am definitely a believer and promoter of "Black Pride". Contrary to what people may believe, it is not the objective of most black people especially victims of the diaspora, to subjugate or oppress other races. Nor do they view other races as less than or lesser human beings, other than a "fringe minority". I think most simply use the term in it's historically context. But when taken to task on the term "black power" what they describe is more in tune with "black pride" and "power to all people" rather than just "black power".

  • Yes, Black Power is racist.

    RE: I definitely think that Black Power is a racist ideology. I think that the concept of Black Power is something that is rooted in racism and hatred for another group of people. I think such groups should stop being supported by the general public and be criticized more by those that believe in equality.

  • Yes, it's racist.

    Black power, the Black Panthers,and Malcolm X are the equivalent to White power, The Ku Klux Klan, and Nathan Bedford Forest. Racism is racism regardless of which race is hating which. All races can be racist and all races can have prejudice against them. Hate is hate, no matter the circumstances.

  • Yes, it absolutely is.

    It is a antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior. That is the very definition of racism. The saying was coined as a response to the saying white power. It promotes one group and one group only. And promotes the belief that that one group is superior to others. Once again, the exact definitely it ion of racism. Thank you!

  • Yes, Black Power is racist for sure.

    I'm going to answer this with my own question. Why is Black Power allowed to exist and White Power condemned by the media? Youcan see this kind of thing on Wikipedia at how they define 'White Power' and 'Black Power'. Black Power is Black Supremacy and is racist to other groups, including white people as well.

  • Its not racist.

    Black power is calling for the social and political advancement of people of color. White Power is calling for separation of races and more violence. Black power groups, like the old black panthers had white members. Racism also still exists. Over 300 people of color were shot last year by police.

  • Response to racism

    Black Power was a movement that started back in the mid-sixties. The purpose was a response to black people realizing their self worth. The mid-sixties was a violent period of time. Blacks were being brutally beaten or killed by police and white vigilantes. Black Power was a response to that.

  • It is not.

    First of all, reverse racism isn't real. It could be an intolerant ideal but never a racist one. But they're not even intolerant. Black power is about unity, about black people fighting together against being degraded and considered inferior for their freaking skin color. White power means superiority and is such a stupid thing, as if us white people don't already have more than enough power. Stop criticizing black people for fighting for their rights.

  • Black Power is not Racist

    Black Power is a result of unity and only someone who is not black would think otherwise. A race that is fighting for their rights for equality must gain empowerment and pride within themselves if they want to set out to make change. If you believe you are not worth much how will you ever accomplish anything? Just because white power means superiority does not mean Black Power does as well.

  • Black power is not hate towards others

    Black power is not a movement to hate white people like how white pride is, look at the confederate flag for instance. Black power is unity amongst black people , it calls for us to band together and stand against those who want to oppress us and keep us down. I cannot speak for all black people however I do know that I do not hate white people . I hate what some white people have done to me and my people but I do not hate an entire race of people . White people hear black power and get offended and afraid thinking that its power to try and hurt you but it is more of the power to stop you from degrading us and putting us in a negative light like you have for the past hundreds of years. So when people who agree that this is racist all you are saying is you are afraid that we will no longer be your stool and you will no longer be able to degrade us as you have since we were brought here against our will.

  • Blackpower is black unity

    If see white people on t.V all the time you would what your people to have power to, it set's on what side you are looking at it no one what to be the weak people. We had unity back than ,now we can't work together to one another lives. The point is if we work together want someone attack one black we all fight, so if attack one you are attack all blacks . And if starting something for your people is races than all people who started there stuff for there people is a racest

  • How is it racist?

    Black power is calling for the social and economic advance for people of color. To this day, people of color are oppressed. Also it is a play on words. Its kinda a joke about white power with the ku klux klan and neo nazis. Black Power! Black Power! Black Power!

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