Is black supremacy the result of cultural misunderstanding?

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  • Black supremacy is the result of social restrictions

    Black supremacy was the result of a revolt of frustrated black Americans against the Jim Crow-era South. Blacks wanted the same freedoms whites had and less social restrictions. Black power groups like the Black Panthers came into existence because it was going to be quite difficult to fight against the majority without numbers and vocal revolutionists.

  • No black supremace

    There is not black supremacy, there is still a lot of racism towards blacks by whites in this country though. The blacks in this country are not supreme to the whites, but the reverse, with the whites still being thought of as higher and smarter that the blacks in this nation.

  • No other way to interpret

    When someone claims that there is a [blank] supremacist movement inherent in humanity then there is no serious way to interpret it other than hateful and counter productive. While the movement clearly arose because people had not taken black culture seriously in the past, there is no real reason for extremism today.

  • What Black Supremacy?

    There is no black supremacy, at least that I'm aware of. Black supremacy, or any kind of supremacy, is definitely a cultural misunderstanding of a huge magnitude. No one race of humans should exert their dominance over another just because they think they are greater than another. Have we learned nothing in the past 200 years?

  • Supremacy claims of any kind are fueled by egos

    It is one thing to support your particular race for the good qualities, but in doing so you claim that other races are completely inferior because of their inadequacy in this field. This leads to divides in the social structure that are unnecessary and responsible for racism. To have pride in your own heritage is one thing. Understanding history and how you came to be where you are is sometimes necassary to understand where you are going. However, claiming your race is the best at one thing may lead to bottle-necking a whole people to one thing. Blacks were bred both in Africa and in American Slavery to be more athletic. This leads to many black children to think athletics is the best option they have for success. There is no cultural misunderstanding.

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