• I'm saying yes

    When we leave the EU we will no longer have to pay £200 per person, this allows us to save a lot of money to benefit our country. Also when we leave, the vat will go down on things such as our electricity & water bill. This will save us more money and allow us to save more. Because of this, it could reduce the current poverty rate.

  • It was an ingenious idea!

    Brexit took us out of a system which wished to take away out national sovereignty and give it to a continental parliament! It also forced laws on the UK which it didn't want, overwritten the elected parliament of the nation, and basically relegated us from sovereign nation, to region of a European super state. However, while the EU gave us some benefits, we are so much better out of that mess than in it!

  • It was a majority vote, so yes

    Because Europe is culturally very different to the UK, so why would we want to be overruled by countries so far away, and by a leader of the EU who isnt even elected, we have no say over what happens in European politics, especially the most important aspect; who is elected

  • I think not

    We were told the NHS would be given £350mil more per week, and that obvious bullshit has backfired. The EU protects human rights- May even wants to repeal the Human Right Act! Brexit is a daft idea based on lies, ignorance, and blind patriotism. It must be stopped for the good of the nation.

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