• Yes, they should be.

    Britian sold weapons to a country that is known for harboring terrorists and for starting wars against innocent and defenseless people just to earn more money. They need to be held accountable for this despicable act and be made an example of. If Britian does not want its own citizens to own guns they should not sell them.

  • Yes, Those Who Contribut to Violence Should be Held Accountable

    Theresa May says that this apparently will "keep people on the streets of Britain safe" by maintaining close ties. That is selfish western victim playing. When it comes to the idea of "terrorism" we seem to only focus on what people like to call the "developed West". We never stop to think that we go a long time without a drone or a bomb, that at any point anyone could attack us but they don't. The West is so busy playing scared that we don't realize how good we have it. We spend our lives fearing impending bombs and mass murder and forget that for others this is an everyday reality not a distant nightmare. Selling arms creates more violence somewhere else, it does not protect and the West's "global dominance" protects it well enough.

  • Governments do what they want

    No country has been deeper into Saudi Arabia's misdeeds than America, and we are not held accountable. Britain is an ally, so they can also do whatever they want. Nobody in the world holds us accountable because they are too addicted to the oil and the U.S. military presence around the world. If anything, we'll see a slap on the wrist at some U.N. meeting so the politicians can feel good about themselves.

  • No, Britain is not accountable for selling arms to Saudi Arabia

    Britain should not be held accountable for selling arms to Saudi Arabia. Once an item is sold, whether it is a weapon or otherwise, the seller no longer has any say in what happens with that item. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to use the item safely and wisely, not the one who sold it. Saudi Arabia alone is responsible for their actions.

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