• Yes, British education is worth paying for.

    Yes, I believe that British education is worth paying for, and the British educational system is preparing students for a variety of careers and post-secondary opportunities, not just inside Britain, but also internationally. I believe that teachers in Britain work hard to provide a good education for young people in Britain and thus it is worth paying for.

  • Yes, it is worth paying for.

    The British education system has seemed more refined and advanced than many of the United State's own education system. Their education system also helps one develop a more well rounded education by focusing more on liberal arts as well as being a more efficient and refined education system. It is worth paying for to experience a more refined education.

  • All education is worth it.

    While the argument can be made that with the modern means of communication, the relevance of classic education is beginning to wane, and while that may be true in some contexts, there will always be a place for an accredited, hands on, education. I am a US Citizen and can't speak much to the actual costs of "British" education, at least for Britons. I would say that the opportunities afforded from ones experiences in higher education are more than worth the cost. For US Citizens, paying for "British" education is definitely worth it as it affords teenagers and young adults the opportunity to study abroad and experience a culture (and cultures) different from their own. An education in its own right.

  • British education is worth paying for.

    Going abroad for an education is a wise decision. Students graduate sooner, they start the work force sooner, and they absorb what they learn. Not only does a British teach you the specifics of math, English and history, they also teach you manners and life ways. You receive a well rounded education.

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