• Yes buddhism is superior to most other religions

    Buddhism is one of the only religions that can be said truly pacifist and that brings only good to the world. Monotheist religions like Christianity and Islam have brought war and suffering unlike buddhism. True buddhists are completely selfless and are open to the world. Buddhism is clearly a better religion than Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Sikism or Hinduism.

  • Yes, in every way.

    Yes, Buddhism is a superior religion. Buddhism is a way of life rather than a religious belief. It encompasses the body, mind and soul. There are no Sunday sermons necessary with Buddhism as with most Christian faiths. Buddhists nurture their bodies by eating healthy food and exercising, nurture their minds by seeking enlightenment, and nurture their souls by not being judgmental.

  • it is not true.

    No, Buddhism is not a superior religion, because it is not the true religion. Only Christianity is the true religion. Buddhism teaches some good things about peace and being nice to people, but that does not negate the fact that Jesus is still the savior of the world and the ruler of men.

  • No It Is Not

    As a person that studies and follows a Buddhist path, I can assure you that it is not a superior religion. Buddhism is simply another path to the same destination. I believe Buddhism is different and it relies on self awareness and a persons own thoughts and feelings on the subject. I value you it because it is so open to interpretation.

  • No, it is neither superior or inferior

    Religion is a very personal thing, and each religion has nuggets of truth and morality that govern the people who follow it. Because of this, no one religion, including Buddhism, can truly be labeled as superior. If a religion causes a person to be thoughtful, moral, and happy, then it is a good thing.

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