• Yes, it is. C

    China is an oppressive nation that has tried to ban religion and Tibet is a the source of most major Buddhist learning. The recent actions by China in Tibet meant that Tibet is going to have less freedom and less religious freedom in the near future, putting Buddhism in danger.

  • Yes, Buddhist learning is in danger and needs to be protected.

    Yes, with China's recent actions in Tibet it appears that Buddhist practices there are in danger. Culturally, China hasn't been sympathetic to Tibet. Therefore it's important to protect the Buddhist culture in Tibet, because if it isn't protected then it may well be squelched. The world would experience a tremendous loss if this were to happen.

  • No, a belief will never be endangered by other's actions

    While some people in China might be offended by China's actions in Tibet, Buddhism has survived for many years and will not be endangered now. A belief is not something dropped over other's actions and, as such, those who truly believe in it will not give it up so easily.

  • No, Buddhist learning is not in danger due to China's recent actions in Tibet

    No, Buddhist learning is not in danger due to China's recent actions in Tibet. Even though China recently destroyed one of the oldest Buddhist learning facilities in Tibet, Buddhist learning can still take place at another facility. There is no reason to believe that Buddhists cannot learn in another facility.

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