• Ya think? Duh!

    Of course Call of Duty is dying. In fact, this franchise died after the Modern Warfare series ended and after the first two Black Ops games.

    Just because the latest Call of Duty games are selling like hotcakes and IGN, GameSpot, and GameTrailers are still foolish enough to give them biased reviews, that doesn't excuse the fact that Advanced Warfare, Ghosts, Black Ops 3, Infinite Warfare, and World War 2 are oversaturated garbage. So, YES Call of Duty is dying. (obviously)

  • Could have listened to the players

    Call of duty really pushed away their fan base and didn't listen to really any of us, they were just interested in going down their own futuristic path which quite frankly I don't believe even 10% people wanted that, everyone wanted a classic call of duty game back which probably explains the remastered cod4, but I think they will keep rereleasing old school call of duty games, or every new one they release will come with another remastered version selling at the high price of almost double what the games used to be, BATTLEFIELD took advice giving to another game and look how good battlefield is going before it is even released, that game is going to be killer

  • Call of duty, call of duty, call of duty,call of duty

    Call of duty is the same game every year and even though I love call of duty, I notice that I don't have as much fun on call of duty like I use to, as time has gone on my taste for call of duty has gone down, I can't play it for hours like I used to

  • Bo3 worst game they have put out to date.

    First things first they did away with SKILL based match making. Second WHO THE HELL RUNS AROUND WITH A SNIPER RIFLE AS AN ASSAULT RIFLE. 3 QUICK SCOPING. 4 camping is such bullshit and this excuse of "well you wouldnt run around like that in real life youd camp...THIS ISNT REAL YOU MORON!!!" 5. Its the same game over and over and over. 6...CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE PLAYING THIS ITS RATED "M" FOR A REASON!!! With that said FUCK OFF AND DIE CAMP OF DOODIE.

  • I believe that call of duty is slowly dying

    Basically the same stuff every year, advanced warfare added hovering and stuff but that was kinda the only thing new, bo3 allows you to run on walls. But all they do is recycle,reskin and reshape guns. I think they should stop with the futuristic style and go back into modern times

  • Used to be a HUGE cod fan

    Ive been playing call of duty since call of duty 4. COD5,MW2 and black ops were amazing, but after that the games began to just became worse and worse. I hope treyarch and activision know EVERYONE wants a sequel to world at war. Enough of this futuristic war bullshit. Im tired of it. I purchased advanced warfare to see if it was any good and lets just say i was more than dissapointed, last call of duty i will ever purchase, r.I.P to the brand

  • Cod is a dead franchise

    My friend is an insane cod fanboy. He will never admit the franchise is starting to die. He just wont accept it. He says that cod is better than better games like Halo and Team Fortress 2. He spends hundreds of dollars on each game in dlc and microtransactions. Heck, he spent 50 dollars on Advanced supply drops for advanced warfare! To me, the franchise died after Black Ops 2.

  • Same Thing for the Same Price

    As much as I love COD and buy it with the 50 dollar season pass every year, I fell as if the franchise has been milked for far too long. The majority of the community agrees that the last good COD was MW2(I personally think that it was black ops 2 or MW3), and there is evidence to prove it. Cod sales have steadily declined over the years, and advanced warfare only sold half of MW2. That's because eventually, consumers will realize, if they haven't already, that they're paying 60 dollars for the same game every year with a few changes here and there. I would love to see treyarch, IW, and SH move on.

  • It's dying it's just dying Maybe it has a chance.

    I do not know to tell it to you guys but my friends are not playing any more Black ops 2 looks Ghosts and Advance warfare preorders aren't doing well enough maybe a chance it might comeback from the problem but I think it only has a 7 more years at most before it dies for good like all the games are empty. But for now it has a chance. Maybe be just maybe a chance.
    Well that's it .
    See ya bye

  • I hope so

    With every new CoD game that is released there is more recycling and more useless features (gun range in AW), which are cool for the first 2 weeks then they simply die out.

    Their sales are definitely dropping, you can see that in the multiplayer, no need to look at stats. In the past finding a game took less than 5 seconds. Now it takes people over a minute.

    Which is a big problem considering that they make a lot of money off of micro-transactions and DLC. Whereas Black Ops 2 still has an average player population of 60000, Ghosts is teaming towards 10000. As for AW, it can take me as long as 30 minutes (yes 30) to find a game on Xbox 360 or Xbox one (I have a 40Mbps line and my ping is 5. I have even switched service providers and had my line physically inspected)

    So yes, CoD is a dying franchise. Ive been playing since CoD2. The problem is that the developers are trying to hard to force change upon the community. All this futuristic nonsense is not what the majority of the population wanted. However the market was saturated with WW2 based games.

    Sure BO2 was in the future but it still had the basics, even ghosts had the basics yet the community ruined that game. I feel every CoD game is becoming more tailored to the average Star Wars fan (no offense).

    CoD needs a revival. Take the basics from CoD3 to MW3 and work with that. Then youll have a game that everyone will want to play.

    Simplicity is key.

  • They're still selling, so no.

    While Call of Duty games may not last much longer, they still have a good 5 years to get through. Although the gameplay is repetive and plot almost non-existent, teenage boys are still going to want to kill things for fun. Eventually, people will get bored with the games, or better yet, play the old versions instead of buying a 60 dollar new one.

  • It isn't dying... Unfortunately...

    The series is not dying as each COD game does still make a ton of money. However, just because the series is not dying doesn't mean that the series should not die. COD is the third most repetitive series of games ever (below the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games) and the only reason why I think COD should be on the PS4 or the Xbox One is because no COD games are on them until Ghosts comes out (at least there will be a graphical update (hopefully)). Basically, no, the series isn't dying (at least not financially), but that's not a good thing.

  • You misspelled 'dying'

    But the point is that since Call of Duty kind of has a history of grossing over a Billion Dollars everytime a new game is released, im kind of tempted to say that it is definitely not dying, and is simply as strong as it has ever been...... Its not getting any higher simply because there isnt any space left for it to go up, but since the new game 'Ghosts' is getting pretty damn good reviews, I certainly wouldnt say or believe that Call of Duty is a dying brand.......

  • Losing Popularity, but not dying

    Call of Duty has been a life long partner in terms of gaming. These days, even with the rise of competition with the fps game "Battlefield 4", gamers still have this memory engraved in their hearts. In fact, a loyal group of gamers still play Call of Duty.
    It might be true that COD is losing popularity, but as far as know the game won't ever die.

  • Just because it's old doesn't mean it's dead

    If you define "dying" as a brand that is failing to turn a profit, then we can see quite clearly from sales figures that CoD is still well and truly alive and kicking. If you define "dying" as a brand that is becoming stale, then you need only look to the relatively large CoD fanbase who are arguing that CoD: Advanced Warfare has revived the brand, and who are continually buying and playing the newest games in the series. It is simply inaccurate to think that "dying" means "re-releasing the same game over and over again" as this strategy, far from killing the franchise, seems to have kept it alive thus far.

  • Not too soon!

    As far as I am concerned, based on sales figures Call of Duty is still thriving.
    With Ghosts, there has been a great improvement with graphics, style and overall gameplay.
    The Call of Duty community is also strong and supportive. Look at YouTube, many successful YouTubers broadcast CoD content (Ali A, Syndicate, Tmartn, FaZe Clan, Vanoss and Kyr Sp33dy to name a few 1 million+ subscribed channels)
    It will take at least five years for CoD to fall.

  • As much as I hate to say no

    I believe that this game comes up with the same crap every year and its being played by a people by the age 5-14 on the most part (I have proof of that considering my 9 year old cousin and his friends play it nearly every day of the week) As long as it fan base is alive then it wont die and people will continue to flood it with cash....Well there parents will anyway. Its also because of the parents of these young people, we got to admit that most margin of kids are getting worse because this generations quality is getting so bad that most people can't even be bothered to clean there room LET alone get a job. Its easy to get involved in this game if you haven't really had any worthwhile accomplishments in your life and you get the false hope that you are doing something worth while because your unlocking new gear and weapons very easily by pulling the right trigger. As much as I would like Call of Duty to just disappear I got to look at reality, because its not going to die if this generation does not improve. For me this game died at modern warfare 1 and world at war. Plus if your a parent that is reading this....If your 3-13 year old child asks you to get him a 16 or 18 age recommended game DON'T no matter how much they beg and keep a eye on what they do on the internet because the internet is a dangerous place for the inexperienced.

  • Sales rates increase as well as they gain more members.

    With COD ghosts, the producers have brought in new game mechanics and gameplay which was rated very high and commented upon, every year call of duty changes with a high enough percentage to be able to tell the difference between every version or year release, they have been rated best 1st person shooter of the year for 2013, which explains it all.

  • Definitely not true

    Because i like it a lot, its fun
    teaches me good skills like how to treat animals like guard dogs ( always let the dog go first)
    it also teaches you how to kill people and that is very very useful to the population if we ever have something crazy like the purge
    puts kids in control of the world

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