• Say no to Cannabilsm

    If you take the approach where there is a reason for everything, you will understand there is a reason why the world contains food. It is morally wrong to eat another human being because you can also show affection to another human being. With 'food' (something that you need in your system regularly in order to survive) you are not able to do the same. It can be argued that many people show similar affection to animals, that are also eaten, this is the individuals choice. Even animals don't eat their own kind and they don't have a conscience the way humans do.

  • U people are disgusting

    U lot are revolting, how could 72% of people want to eat other people ur all disgusting, it is just completely immoral, as humans why would we want to eat each other were not a source of food for ourselves we eat vegetables fruit and other animals not fucking humans

  • Cannibalism is Wrong

    The idea of a human consuming another human is simply not right. The idea is grotesque and inhumane. Intellectual beings should never be feeding off of each other. Furthermore, it is very unhealthy and detrimental to the cannibals health. That type of animal approach has no place in society. Somebody would have to be messed up to do that.

  • Yes, cannibalism is wrong.

    Yes, cannibalism is wrong. It would be absurd to call cannibalism "right", especially since even in a scenario where cannibalism would be necessary to survive, it would still be morally wrong. There is no sensible argument a person can make that to eat another human, whether alive or dead, would be acceptable.

  • I am a dog

    Dogs taste good so eat me because i am a dog which is tasty. That is supporting communism everyone is dog and we are all equally
    tasty. People in Asia have it better off because they have experiences. All in all dog is as good as yummy dog meat, YUM.

  • How the hell is this even an argument

    72%?! Are you kidding me?! What the hell is wrong with you all jfc
    These are PEOPLE we are talking about. Live human beings. And don't use that "but we do it to other animals" bullshit. Humans eat meat to survive. Eating another human is just utterly and morally wrong. You are feasting on what once was just like you. That's disgusting. It's like saying murder is alright because we do it to other animals. Jesus what's fucked you all in the head that made you think cannibalism is okay...

  • People need peace

    If it were ok to eat people we would surely have a constant state of tribal warfare to live with. Every one taking part in this debate has enjoyed at least some peace in their lives. Otherwise you would probably never have became literate and you you would't have time to waste on such fruitless matters. If you are in favour of cannibalism then likely you have taken peace for granted, and if the likes of you do not buck up your ideas, then peace will be a thing of the past, and you can say farewell to things like infrastructure, education, sanitation and leisure. Your life will suck. On the plus side you will be able to eat as many people as you wish.

  • Just naw man !!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is wrong not under any condition is cannibalism a good thing the amount of people that say it is ok have something wrong with them like a death wish people these days make me sick we're humans not animals and people need to realise why the supermarkets are here !!!

  • Because it is

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  • There is more to it than just 'surviving'

    Think about it, this is a human being. Like you, your family, friends, children who haven't even the ability to ask yet alone answer these questions. Just because they may be dead, or even in survival contexts it can never be called 'right'. What are you doing if you survive? What is survival now? Walking on the beach? Driving to work? Having a meal somewhere in a fine restaurant? 100 years ago, no one knew you'd exist, and in 100 years no one will care you did either. You owe to your species, which has lasted and will last far longer than your time on earth. You owe that respect, and you show it by not eating another human, dead or alive, stranger or close one, or any context. I'd rather die hungry and human than usurp what it means to be human.

    If someone finds it right and another wrong, but you justify it to 'survive' you call into question a whole ball game of what's right and wrong, and before you know it we're exterminating an entire race because they apparently 'threaten our way of life', and it's 'justified', you're bombing an entire nation to destroy a minority, killing hundreds of thousands (War on terror) and calling it 'justified'. When you forge the first link of this chain, you bind yourself to a way of thinking, of feeling and desensitize the following generation.

    If you learn to devalue something, you can learn to devalue anything, and what is right and wrong becomes subjective, and that's when all kinds of wrongs happen. Its how we turn a blind eye to suffering in the world, its how 6 million Jews were exterminated.

    Logical or emotional, It is primitive, and survival does not give you the right, or make you right. It's wrong, it always was, and it always will be no matter the outcome. You have no divine or earthly right to say that it is, and certainly not if you're going to usurp your humanity in the first place.

    I hear some friends and family saying they would, and it deeply disappoints and saddens me. No matter how many people agree it is ok, it will never change that it is wrong.

  • Big NO to Cannibalism!

    Our immoral cannibalistic opponents are WRONG on so many levels! Cannibalism is disgusting and stupid. If you are wiling to eat your parents or siblings, you are one sick son of a b****. Do all of us a favor and get yourself checked please. If your life isn't in any danger yet you still consider eating a human being such as yourself, I would suggest you live in the jungle. Because you're no different than an animal.

  • Its cannibalism not murder

    People might say that cannibalism is morally wrong and to some extent it is. Some might even say you're desecrating a persons body when you eat it but in my opinion you are keeping that person alive. Just inside your stomach. You are what you eat guys. Take my word for it.

  • No

    I want to know what I taste like so at least once I want to try a piece of person, not enough to give me like mad cow disease or whatever but I want to know if I'd taste good. And also i would eat you all if we were stranded together. You're welcome.

  • The intelligence of whether or not to cannibalize depends on the culture and safety in food preparation. It is not 'Wrong'

    Cannibalism is frowned upon for three main reasons - Desecration of the corpse, Slippery slope leading to murder, and human diseases.

    The 'Desecration of a Corpse' argument is a purely cultural standpoint. For instance, a Christian would likely cringe at the thought of a Tibetan 'Sky Burial' where a body is dismembered and left on the top of a mountain for vultures to eat. In that culture, that process after death is considered respectful to the dead. The body is no longer housing the soul, so it can be disposed of without disrespecting the dead in any way.
    Likewise, in some tribal cultures, cannibalism is the cultural norm.
    Some Americans practice autocannibalism - when women eat their own placenta after childbirth. They're regarded as odd, and the practice a bit disgusting, but it's not as hated, despite the woman and sometimes her husband consuming a large portion of human flesh.

    Second, is the 'Slippery Slope' argument. First the cannibal will be eating dead bodies, then they'll develop a taste for human flesh and go murder more people to get it! That's a logical fallacy.
    There are plenty of instances of people resorting to cannibalism during times of famine, and easily going back to their normal food sources once they're not starving.
    The fallacious sense of "slippery slope" ignores the possibility of middle ground and assumes a discrete transition from category A to category B. Modern usage avoids the fallacy by acknowledging the possibility of this middle ground. For instance, someone who wishes to eat human flesh may ask hospitals to alternatively dispose of whatever healthy human tissue has been removed in operation, or after someone dies. Likewise, they may ask that the fat removed in liposuction be passed on to be used in cooking. There are plenty of ways to engage in cannibalism without actively killing someone.

    The final argument is disease. Diseases can be passed on through eating human meat much easier than eating cow or chicken flesh, because the viruses are already attuned to human flesh. The main disease to spread this way is Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease, basically Mad Cow disease for humans. However, it has been found that this disease is only dangerous when eating the flesh (especially the neural tissue) of someone who already has this disease, or it is passed on in a hereditary manner. By eating healthy human tissue, cooking thoroughly and avoiding the brain matter, one can make the eating of human flesh just as safe as a processed pig or chicken.

  • It's a source of food, nothing else.

    It's a convenient way to dispose of corpses and provides a high protein food source. As long as no one was murdered to obtain the meat, I cannot see anything wrong with it. The only thing that makes people averse to it is the foolish idea that corpses should be given reverence and the fact that people think that human meat is somehow sacred and gross to eat compared to other animals. Human meat is actually quite good.

  • Why would it be?

    Why would eating humans be wrong when eating animals is not wrong? If you are a vegetarian, i respect your opinion but if you eat meat you can't say "oh, eating human meat is wrong because bla bla..".
    I think there can be human factories where we kill humans and take their meat before they develop complex feelings(when they are still babies). It wouldn't be wrong because:
    1-They won't feel any pain.
    2-They don't even have personalities yet.

  • Murder is wrong; cannibalism is simply being a carnivore. Resolve the murder issue and there's no logical

    The primary logical (note: not emotional) argument against cannibalism is that carnivores prefer, for good and sound reasons, to kill and eat living, healthy animals. When you do this to a cow it's not a big deal; when you do it to a human, it's murder, and a very big deal.

    Barring emergencies, you'd have to ensure that only naturally deceased persons were eaten. This reduces the appeal (old, skinny people aren't as tasty as young, healthy folks) and increases the health risks (i.E - you'd have to ensure they didn't die of a communicable disease).

    HOWEVER: if you were able to resolve the above, there's absolutely not a single logical reason not to eat the dead. People (Americans in particular) are extremely touchy about death and dying, mostly because they live their entire lives in terror of dying. Thus they insist their corpses be venerated like living beings instead of rapidly-decaying sides of meat (which they are).

    A dead body is an empty vessel. People who think otherwise are succumbing to superstition and fear. It no more benefits from veneration or respect than a dead cow. Once you're dead, you don't care.

  • Its Really Not .

    If you think about it humans are a different type of animal . So if we eat other animals i think its fairly ok to experiment with eating human flesh . Although i would not eat human flesh myself because its just something i don't have a taste for as of right now , i don't discourage other people who may want to try human flesh to try it out .

  • Cannibalism is great

    People don't get traumatic about an animal eating an animal, but when it comes to a human being another human being, all of a sudden it's not okay? For all we know, every single meat that we eat, is just blended up people. Who's to say that they actually uses animals. Maybe that's what they say to trick people. In the long end, we should be able to enjoy whatever we eat without being looked at differently. Like most people say, you are what you eat, so if you eat a person then you ARE a person.

  • Why would it be?

    Animals eat other animals. So why cant we? Cannibalism is not wrong and should never be considered "wrong". In my opinion, cannibalism should be considered a normal thing, because it is just like any other food that you eat everyday. True you shouldn't kill people just to eat them, but if they say it is ok while they are alive to eat them when they are dead, whats the big deal? -Me

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