• Competition is great.

    Capitalism and competition is the absolute best thing for buyers in every industry. Sure, some companies wish they didn't have competition, but monopolies only benefit companies, not private customers. When there is more than one business providing the same type of services in a community, prices go down and the quality of service has to stay high.

  • It rewards good work

    With capitalism, the best products and people rise to the top. Then, there are more good products. In a capitalist system, if your product isn't good enough to sell, you don't get to make it any more. In other systems, it is very inefficient, because the bad products never stop coming into the market.

  • Yes, they are.

    While I do not know much about capitalism and cannot comment much on it; I do believe that competition in the natural world is a necessary tool for survival. It allows for growth, both developmentally and creatively. If this is so in the natural world, it should also be good for industries.

  • Yes, Capitalism and competition is good.

    Capitalism and competition is good for ever industry. Capitalism means economic system are controlled by individuals and not the state. The is no restriction in entering the market. The breeds competition among different industries which has a positive ripple effect on the consumers. Though capitalism is criticized for exploitation, it is the best system.

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