• Pathetic people are pathetic.

    I guess you have all given up on finding that one person you will stand by no matter what. Heck, you may have even given up on true love all together. Either that, or you are an inconsiderate person who doesn't stop and think that maybe! Just maybe, that your future partner might want your virginity because its special to them? Its a sign that you saved yourself for them even though your body itches for it? Try learning some self control so that you may resist a completely unneeded habit in hopes of bettering whatever love your future holds. However, if you are just happy having sex with anyone, I feel bad for since you will most likely screwed in the love department.

    (However, if you are a Katagaria, I approve casual sex because that is the only way you will find your mate.)

  • Hooking up is imoral

    In my opinion you should wait until marriage to have sex.Most people today lack self control and will hook up though.This sends a message that you are easy and maybe carry diseases.Casual sex is bad because you basically are having sex with a complete stranger.You should have a level of trust,love,and comfort in the fact that the other person cares about your feelings and maybe even insecurities the other person should care about you.Without thease and hooking up your just a notch on someones bedpost and are being used.

  • It is wrong

    Sex is a special bond two people are supposed to have with each other. It brings two people closer and is a way to express love for one another, however casual sex is randomly hooking up with people and having loveless sex. People argue that they do love the person in a way but not like a relationship which in the end is belittling the word love. When words like love lose it’s strong meaning, just as the word dies, so do the morals with it.

  • We all need a little bit of fun!

    It's a good thing. Why not having fun under the sheets, if we weren't so judgemental then everything would be great. The only bad.Thing would be an unwanted pregnancy or STDs, guys;wear a condom and girls; take the pill or get a IUD, get tested!. We all need to enjoy our sexuality. It's great we live in a time birth control and Condoms exist.

  • Casual sex is without emotion

    The act of sex itself is an emotion not a act to finish of your Saturday night out, or pay your taxi fare with, i see this kind of thing going on every week,and i get asked if i have issues because i refuse to sleep around,seems clear cut to me why would you do the most intimate thing with someone you met a hour earlier and don, t even know their second name, have no feelings for,and they don,t care about you, i don,t think it,s me with the issues, i know what sex is all about and they don,t and use it like a cheap thrill .

  • Casual sex hurts people. It's WRONG

    Sex is not just sex. Why would you want to reveal the most intimate, personal part of your body to a complete stranger, someone you've barely spoken to? You don't know their history or who they are. Sex doesn't come without risk, emotion and responsibility, unfortunately. If a guy just wants to 'do a girl' then there's his right hand. That's not got any feelings. I'm not religious at all, these are just logical reasons why locking genitals with a random isn't the brightest idea.

  • Wrong as in flawed

    Put simply, casual sex is two or more people implicitly or explicitly agreeing to suppress the natural emotions that arise before and from the act itself (hint: those "confusing" sex with love aren't actually the ones confused) for the sole purpose obtaining a high, much like a drug addict does, that could be obtained with much less of the negative consequences we see in the world today (ie. Stds, family domestic problems, other drug addictions) if only people were willing to to slow down and confront the real underlying priorities that encourage them to avoid dealing with other humans like....I don't know, humans; beings with emotions, thoughts, and dreams, rather than just another commodity in our capitalist society. It really boils down to misplaced values. That's not always detrimental, but in this cases, it fundamentally ruins the quality of our lives to make such compromises.

  • Casual sex is the essence of degeneration..

    Casual sex is wrong as it spoils a potential 'real' relationship or marriage with your partner, just imagine hearing them say I've had sex with XYZ on a casual basis. This degrades the whole sexual experience to it being wasted and easily given away. Sex on a casual basis is also the cause of sexual infections and a sense of imbalance in a persons life. Casual sex is also ethically wrong as it defeats the concept of reproduction and completely disregards the idea of marriage, my point here isn't that reproduction and marriage is a must, it's that casual sex as an activity defeats this human nature.

  • Not morally wrong

    In my opinion, casual sex is about experimentation and exploring your sexuality. There is nothing immoral about sexual experimentation as long as you don't rape. In this age, casual sex is becoming more prevalent after the sexual revolution of the 1960s when society rebelled against the traditional principles of sex.

  • Nope, not really

    It can bring diseases but with right medication plus condom it's alright. Brings pleasure and intimate romance and deepens the relationship between the two who are getting it on. Also, there's a bunch of healthy benefits as well as calories burnt. Yep, Don't see anything wrong with casual sex! :D

  • Not at all.

    It's also fun.

    Don't be a prude.

    If you don't want to have sex, that's fine, but don't judge others for having fun.

    Just because you're too frightened to ride the roller coaster doesn't mean others are evil for being brave enough to try, and even enjoy it.

    Sex is a fun time, and nearly everyone wants it in some form or fashion, save for the folks who are asexual.

  • No, no and no

    Sex is a natural desire like eating so there is nothing wrong with casual sex. But just like anything doing something has consequences as such one should be aware that you could hook up with a crazy psychopath or you could get an STD etc. As long as you know the risks have fun.

  • No no no

    There is nothing wrong about knowing what you want and getting what you want, as long as it is safe, consensual and legal. People should be allowed to experiment and explore their sexuality without being judged.

    I tried it before and now I know more about what I want. I realise casual sex is simply not my thing. It is just part of self-discovery.

    Just saw someone saying people need to get married before having sex. What a load of phooey. I am sorry to break it to you but not everyone wants to get married, and we are not some sexless pandas down at the zoo.

  • As long as consensual

    If all parties involved are willing then ok. Let people accept the consequences (stds and the like) of they're actions. If it doesn't involve you and proper contraceptives are used then why do you care. No kids by accident (or on purpose) then no harm done. I rest my case

  • As long as consensual

    If all parties involved are willing then ok. Let people accept the consequences (stds and the like) of they're actions. If it doesn't involve you and proper contraceptives are used then why do you care. No kids by accident (or on purpose) then no harm done. I rest my case

  • Casual sex and willingness

    It's okay .It's consensual.The only problem is disease and unwanted pregnancies.This can be thwarted by rubbers, safe sex acts,birth control devices and check ups between partners .It's oppose by the white Pickett fence majority cause they see them as a competitive threat in their behavior and resources of survival and because there are more monogamous,they think everybody is suppose to be like them.

  • It's just sex.

    Many people seem to be mistaking casual sex as a random, thoughtless moment of lust with a random stranger. This is not the case. Casual sex refers to any and all intercourse held between any persons not in a committed or loving relationship, for the purposes of easing their sexual tensions and fun. Casual sex is 100% consensual, and whether or not the participants use protection is their own decision, like it would be for a married couple.

    As stated before, almost everyone has libido, some people more than others. Masturbation and sex toys do exist for the purpose of easing sex drive and/or frustration, but it's hard to beat the sensation of having a physical human whom you can trust, respect, and get aroused from being there to give you the pleasure you seek whilst you give them the pleasure they seek. Sex is a natural urge, and so long as those involved are consenting and not breaking any vows or promises, it's ok to indulge in this urge.

    "But what if their future partner doesn't want them having sex?" - If anyone has so much of a problem with their partner having sex in the past that they're going to make a scene out of it, then clearly they're unable to see everything else that person can bring to their life, and are therefore not deserving of them. One's true future partner would be accepting of who they are and what they've done, and one would view them in the same light. Granted not everyone will have this kind of blessing, but if you're going to mention 'the one' as a staple in your argument, you have to consider the fact that anyone who doesn't accept you for who you are is not deserving of you.

    In summary - there's nothing morally wrong with casual sex, it's a natural human solution to a natural human dilemma, and anyone who refuses to be with you because you've had casual sex should not be with you.

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