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  • Censorship is good to a certian extent

    Censorship is good and beneficial to a certain extent. Censorship that censors nudity, sex and drugs that are taken to a certain extent is good. The individual or corporation that initiates the action to censor has every right to do so. However, censoring should not be taken lightly, but practice and good censorship that will show a positive image to the audience is necessary when it comes to children.

  • Yes, we need some degree of censorship.

    While we often claim that the Constitution of the United States gives us freedom of speech and the press, this isn't totally true. There are things we're not allowed to do, like slander and libel; hate speech meant to incite people is also not allowed. It helps to have some degree of censorship in order to protect other people from hateful and hurtful things.

  • Censorship is good.

    Some things are fundamentally dangerous to society and need to be censored. Terrorists cannot be allowed to spread messages of hate and fear. Child pornography has no place in any society. Most public discourse is acceptable, but some harmful messages need to be censored for the protection of the youth and the welfare of society.

  • No, freedom is better.

    No, censorship is not good, because in the countries where it is practiced, the government only rules by control. In North Korea and China, the government must censor information, because that is the only way that they can stay in power. If the people really knew the truth, they would want freedom, like in the United States. Censorship is only a way to control the public.

  • I don’t think that censorship can ever be a good thing.

    I don’t think that censorship can ever be a good thing. Things should only be censored by limiting
    minor’s access to certain materials.
    But, if we don’t effectively censor the internet, what’s the use of
    censoring anything else. Any little kid
    of any age can go on the internet and pull up some porn in thirty seconds or
    less, so what’s the point?

  • In most cases no

    There are some cases where censorship is good. Things like showing deaths of people, or sharing details of people's personal lives that don't need to be discussed should be censored. However, most other types of censorship only helps to keep people in the dark and to not let them know what's really going on.

  • Censorship is bad.

    In very few circumstances can censorship be a good thing. I believe that, so long as it does not violate the law, people should be allowed to say whatever it is they want to say. But they also should expect people to say whatever they want to say right back.

  • No, in most cases we should not censor.

    Censorship only works when it limits a particular item to a specific group according to age, for instance, or when it says that certain things can be produced but not displayed publicly. Other than that, pretty much everything needs to be able to exist in a free society if we are to keep it free.

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