• Look at Yourself

    Look at you, running up stating so clearly, with such confidence that censorship is bad. You rally your troops and state you "deserve" to know what's hidden behind a bleep or warning label. Putting yourself in front because of what you think you need to hear. If this were a real war wouldn't you want America to protect you. You want to sit and feel safe while the men are out fighting so you can feel the warmth of safety. So go ahead and run through the front line if you'd like, but I know that 1. If I really need to get past the censorship, I can, and 2. I want to be protected in everyday life, so if the government wants to do that let them.

  • Censorship is good.

    Censorship is a good thing, it keeps children from hearing and seeing inappropriate things. I for one like the censorship because children do not need to hear a slur of cuss words, or see body parts of others. I also do not want to hear or see it either, so I appreciate it.

  • The Hidden Value of Censorship

    Let us acknowledge why some view censorship as being unlawful, cowardly, and immoral even. First, there is a strong argument that censorship attacks the Right of Free Speech. There is truth to be found here, for censorship does indeed restrict the press’s ability to publish otherwise subjective articles or newsletters that are almost entirely based off of opinion. Next, some accuse censorship of being fear driven. Perhaps this were true, if I lived in a distant dystopian society far into the future, but I do not. Censorship is not fear driven, censorship exists to protect large masses of people from damaging content. There is no reason to be found for any person or organization to withdrawal information unless that person or persons felt it absolutely necessary. Again, I reiterate, we do not live in a totalitarian society where the government is conspiring against its citizens and must withhold valuable information from them as a result, at least, not in present day. Lastly, we have many multitudes who claim that censorship goes against human rights altogether. Many people believe that censorship takes away a person’s right to read and learn but this is only half the truth. Censorship does indeed take away from a person’s knowledge, but it can usually be justified. For example, if someone decides to not let a person into their home, should they be persecuted? Of course not, even though that person is being denied entry, or is censored, by the homeowner, that does not give him a right to barge in anyway and become knowledgeable of all that resides in the homeowner’s house. Censorship is seen as evil by some, but like I said before, is mostly subjective and thus no one person has jurisdiction to remove it completely.

  • Censorship is good

    The purpose of censorship is good. It is there to help protect people and keep them safe from things that are bad. If used corectly censorship is very good. However if you use it the wrong way or excessiviely then you are only going to be doing harm to society as a whole.

  • Defeats the point

    If censorship in the world kids are not getting the complete truth of the shows that they watch. In books and movies and in the shows you love even in toddler's shows. These people need censorship to stop because censorship prohibits from knowing the true meaning of inaprpriaote things needed.

  • Censorship helps people.

    Very many people are successful, and they do not know very much. Look at millionaires, or politicians even. They know very little and are very successful. What we need are a handful of people who know things to channel the flow of information towards the masses. If an individual can be successful without knowing anything about anything, then a whole nation can be too.

  • The world would be crazy without it

    I wonder what people would say if there was no censorship. Would they have a big party celebrating? Without censorship children and teens would be able to see disgusting things on TV and on the internet. Such things as porn videos would be turned into TV shows where people could see it. There would be to much violence on TV. People would be able to see body parts and things like that when we don't need to be seeing such things. I mean if they said hey no more censorship children could read books such as "fifty shades of gray" and things like that. People may like that but children and teens don't need to read or see or listen to things such as the things that are censored. Yes people may take things to far by censoring little kid things. As for "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see" that was used as an example by ctmikla . It was banned on accident they got the authors mixed up. If you want to read more on that then go to this link "http://www.Csmonitor.Com/Books/2012/1003/30-banned-books-that-may-surprise-you/Brown-Bear-Brown-Bear-What-Do-You-See-by-Bill-Martin-Jr" But if we could just censor the bad things then censorship would be great.

  • Censorship has good values

    The purpose of censorship is good. It is there to help protect people and keep them safe from things that are bad. If used corectly censorship is very good. However if you use it the wrong way or excessiviely then you are only going to be doing harm to society as a whole.

  • Some censorship is needed

    Yes. I believe that some censorship is always needed. If nothing is censored, who knows some of things that will pumped out of radio, television, news, ect. All people are not able to self regulate and this can pose a problem when a mixed crowd is being addressed. Censorship should not be excessive, but it should always be around.

  • There may be the free of speech right but to a point it may be taken too far.

    The censorship shouldent really be put on the people themselves but more the media and news sources that corrupt the minds of the general public. If censorship is put on the news and other sources like that then i believe that America as a whole will be a lot happier.

  • Censorship is not needed

    Anyone using the internet would have seen a censored page or at least heard of them. Whether you were looking for an illegal website accidentally or visited a page of pornography without meaning so, you would have entered a site telling you that the site have been legally blocked by the government. Censorship has been a major issue. Some people believe that media being censored is absolutely vital and claims that it is there to protect people, while others suggest that censorship denies access to vital information. Is censorship really necessary?

    According to the Oxford dictionary, the meaning of freedom is ‘the power or right to act, speak or think as one wants’. Censorship ignores people’s right of freedom. The Guardian produced an article with a partial content of the UN’s universal declaration of human rights in 1948. It stated, “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. The right includes freedom to have opinions without interference and to seek, receive and import information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.” Humans are different from animals because of one major reason. We have the right to think, express and have freedom. With this freedom taken away from us, the major difference between us and animals will be no longer there.

    People from all around the world have different faiths and different religions. It is also a part of our rights to be respected, no matter what we believe in. But in India, the government forces Muslim upon its citizens and anyone that tries to change their religion to Christianity for example, is arrested and stoned to death. India censors websites explaining the goods of other religions and forces the people of its nation to live in a small, self centered world. No one wants to live in a society like so.

    Lots of people suggest that growing youths should not be able to gain access to sites with sexual content or inappropriate, violent websites that might lead the teenagers the wrong way. That’s where the parents and the schools come in. It is the parents’ job to check if their child is going the wrong way and it is the schools’ job to make sure they educate the young children what is right and what is wrong. Adults have their personal rights to be able to access any sites they want to go into. The governments should respect that right. For example, North Korea’s government censors all the outside, information and current news, blocking its citizens to grow up to be a free, global individual. This countries government does not have the right to take away all the individuals rights to know what’s going on in this world.

  • Censorship is bad

    Censorship is very rarely a good thing unless it is to protect young viewers from disgusting imagery. Otherwise I find the idea of censorship to be one that is truly revolting at my base. I think that censorship does more harm than good and has no place in a society.

  • Censorship is God

    Censorship is like a God who's beliefs we must practice and worship. If we stop practicing its religion, the Earth will shake and "children could read books such as 'fifty shades of gray'"(User: Godlovesus). Our all mighty censorship helps parents not to do their jobs. Because they spend their time focused on worshiping censorship, they don't have time to personally censor what they must in their own homes. So we praise Censorship, may It guide us where we have failed, and may It keep us in the dark ages forever.

  • Censorship is bad for society!

    Censorship takes away the rights that we have been granted hundreds of years ago. The Founding Fathers wrote that constitution for a reason, which was to give us the freedom that we deserve. We should be able see or do whatever we want and we have the constitution to prove it. We have the freedom of speech, opinion etc and when the government takes away those things, it tells me that they are not following the constitution that they are " supposedly" following.

  • It shouldn't be the government's choice

    Censorship is not always bad, such as blocking cuss words or sex scenes. When censorship extends to, entire books, movies, and TV shows, is when it should be stopped. The government does not have the right to decide what is acceptable for people to see and hear, even kids. Why ,do you think, should the government regulate what kids see? Shouldn't it be the parents job to keep their children away from these bad things? The parents of these kids should be parents and keep the bad things away from their kids, not the government.

  • Censorship takes away freedom

    If you live in a free country, adding censorship to the internet would be like taking away your freedom because people will be watching your every move and will block you on what they don't want you to see. That isn't fair, because living in a free country means that you can make your own decisions and do what ever you like.

  • Stop please stop'

    Owning anything that don't belong to yo is wrong. Do not covete a mans home servant ox or son, dog, cat, girl,, property, goat, building, or anything that belongs to you. We the majority are not dangreriose or crazy, OK its the media making it up to support more social programs. Like jail ec ex .

  • Censorship is bad!

    Everyone agrees that censorship is bad. No one in this world can decide whether it's bad or good, only you yourself can decide. For example, people from the old generation knew lots of things, however the new generations knew nothing. Isn't it hilarious? They should know what's going on with the world instead of being scared when they grow up. What's done is done. All they should do is just learn what has happened in the past and try not to repeat the same history over and over again

  • Censorship takes our freedom

    Censorship takes our freedom of speech and opinion. We should feel free in expressing what we want to express and if we had censorship it would take that away. Yes, in some cases it is good to have censorship, but many abuse it and go overboard. Now if we are talking about on tv to censor cuss words, nudity, etc. then thats a different story. That is all censorship is good at. Thats all people focus on. They dont know that people,today, are being censored for standing up, and speaking out what they want to say and thats why i say NO to censorship.

  • Censorship is a power to great for ANYONE.

    Censorship can control a nation to think negatively about anything. North Korea for example, North Korea uses censorship to control its people into beleiving that they are more prosperous than every other country. They are kept stupid and see their leader as a god because info is witheld from them. They have no internet to view the world. They are slaves of censorship! The United states does it, China does it, EVERYONE does it. It should not be up to the government to decide what is wrong or what is right or good, there is no wrong or right or good.

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