• "what about me?"

    I pour everything I am into my relationship and receive all i can want back. All but affection. That look, that lip bite, that moment you can see them hold their breath to slow their heart rate. I would never leave my wife for anything, but when what she needs is time, ill give it to her. I however dont need or want time. I want fun, so i get it.

  • "what about me?"

    I pour everything I am into my relationship and receive all i can want back. All but affection. That look, that lip bite, that moment you can see them hold their breath to slow their heart rate. I would never leave my wife for anything, but when what she needs is time, ill give it to her. I however dont need or want time. I want fun, so i get it.

  • Way better than divorce.

    Most people have trouble being monogamous for a lifetime. Divorce statistically reduces children's odds of a degree by about half and doubles the odds of homelessness or prison or drug use. Not a good idea. If you can keep a secret and not develop attachments, sex is no different from hobbies, and all men and women should have some alone time. Cheating with prostitutes or sugar babies or strippers or women seeking casual flings is not wrong if you can still satisfy your partner. For women, similar. Variety is the spice of life so if it can add to your feeling of fulfillment and creativity, it is a good thing. You have to put kids over adults.

  • Not in control

    If you're smashed out your face on MDMA or alcohol and you're not in control of you're actions and someone else instigates the cheating I think that is although still wrong more acceptable and if done once they should be forgiven. It should be forgivable especially in this situation. Thanks.

  • Depends on the Situation!

    As much as I would never want to be cheated on or would I cheat on my partner, I think in certain situations it should be accepted. One would be in a Long Time Married of which both partners agree that the divorce would ruin all that they have worked so hard together to build. I have seen instances where people stay together because of fear of losing there home, and or losing everything they had. They instead just sleep in different rooms, and or have different times when each other can have their new boyfriend or girlfriend at the home. In the end cheating is wrong but it happens, and many will say it is normal.

  • Cheating is acceptable

    Most of the greatest people in the world cheated at one point or another. It is only human nature to want to advance yourself as much as possible. While it is usually unacceptable, there are certainly situations when cheating is acceptable. If it is for self advancement or the greater good, why not?

  • Cheating never has and will never be accepted or acceptable

    If you feel like you're in a relationship with somebody you don't love or show affection for then break it off and don't play with their feelings as if what you're doing is right if you are in love with two people neither one should be forced to feel your unfaithful lies that you call affection , and you trying to take advantage of two vulnerable Souls that believe that you're the one is tyrannical and spiteful and if you're‚Äčin a relationship but you're looking for an intimate relationship don't beat around the bush and go straight forward was your emotions because you trying to fix your side of of your equation won't solve the other and it is in a relationship anymore it's just stalling

  • Cheating is wrong.

    I have been cheated. Not just once. Even though I already forgave him, the pain still comes back. Cheating makes someone feel like they're not good enough. There are a lot of questions that builds up in someone's head and it often leads to overthinking. It can damage someone's self-esteem.

  • Cheating is a Breach of Trust

    If you are in a committed relationship with someone, they have put their trust in you to always do right by them. When you conduct yourself in a way that you know would hurt them if they ever found out, you aren't just "cheating", you're breaking the trust of another person. In a relationship, your needs are no longer the only one's you're responsible for. You have to consider the happiness and well being of your partner as well, and destroying someone's trust is one of the worst things you can do to a person.

  • Of course not

    Cheating can expose couples to STDs, can lead to women bringing the other man's child and getting the hubby to pay for it for 18 years (worst insult), can lead to the complete humiliation and destruction of a man or woman's ego if her partner cheats, and most importantly, destroys trust in the relationship. This is why I don't believe in committed relationships, because when you COMMIT, you're supposed to COMMIT!

  • Cheating is not acceptable

    When two people enter into a relationship, they enter it because they like each other and no one else. If for whatever reason both or one parties no longer like the other party, then they should simply break up instead of living a lie within their relationship. In my opinion, it doesn't make sense to force your self to be with a person whom you longer feel anything for

  • Cheating is for heartless idiots

    If you don't like the person. Tell the person you don't. Instead of leading them on and letting them get their heart broken. If it is more serious situations such as marriage,cheating should never be an option. Never put yourself in a situation where you think its okay to cheat. Your a complete imbecile if you think cheating is okay. It is never okay under ANY circumstances.

  • Relationships are a commitment.

    By agreeing to enter into a relationship with someone, you are agreeing they will be your one and only for the duration of that relationship. You may not be happy anymore or fall out of love, but be an adult and end the relationship before cheating. No one deserves the pain of being cheated on.

  • No, rules are rules.

    No, cheating is not ever acceptable, because it takes away the legitimacy of whatever is accomplished. It's not fair of the person who is cheating to decide for themselves that a rule is not worth following. If a person doesn't like a rule, they should bring it to someone's attention so they can change the rules, rather than cheat.

  • Cheating is a bad doing!!!

    As we all know, people are already fond of cheating but then at the end , some do not achieve success. One thing is that cheating causes inequality. Why? because the person who is being cheated to studies hard but the one who is cheating is not doing his/her best to pass a quiz or any written performance task

  • Cheating is never acceptable regardless of the circumstances.

    One of the Ten Commandments is about not committing adultery. These are commandments given directly by the Lord, and we are to live by each one of them. Because God does not want us to commit adultery, it can never be right to cheat on a partner. If a marriage gets to the point where cheating becomes an issue, both partners should seek counsel in getting the help that they need to overcome the temptations.

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