• Chess is a sport.

    Chess is every bit as stimulating as any sport whether it be basketball or football. While not as physically demanding as those sports are, a mental preparation is needed and necessarily to engage in this activity. Many chess players practice hours a day to improve their skills and strategies, not unlike professional sports such as baseball or basketball. Chess is indeed a sport, but of the mind. It tests, not only your fundamental reasoning skills but also your ability to "read" the other player.

  • Yeah, It Is

    Most consider something a sport based on the idea it must require physical exertion. That's a fairly arbitrary standard, considering each sport requires a different degree and focus of physical strength. Is American football more of a sport than baseball? If not, then chess is as much of a sport as curling (curling has even been called "chess on ice"). Right now, there are five recognized "mind" sports by the International Olympic Committee: go, draughts, poker, bridge, and chess. It seems that since people don't notice the mental torture players go through in chess matches, it can't be a sport. Championships require multiple matches, each requiring an extensive amount of focus. Some people disagree (usually casual players and non-players), but tournaments are exhausting. Chess is truly a sport of endurance. Chess is a wonderful mix of sport, art, and science.

  • Yes, it requires large amounts of training and is a very intense game.

    You get the same adrenaline rush as other sports. Chess is also good for keeping the mind active, which is almost as important as keeping your body active. Chess requires a similar amount of training to other sports, and much like some sports, it is possible to become "unfit" if it is not played in a certain amount of time.

  • Exercising the Muscles.

    Chess exercises the most important muscle, the brain. While we glorify the typical large-muscled athletes in physical sports these chess players, who worked just as hard, are given the short end of the stick. A sport is a activity that competes team or individual against team based on skill, what chess does.

  • Chess a sport?

    Chess is not a sport. You are sitting on your butt and moving game pieces, that's not a sport, that's a board game. And honestly, this is why Americans are fat, because people think that chess is a sport. It's like saying that eating ice cream is healthy, just stupid. Really guys, come on. Do you honestly think that chess could be a sport? No way, just get real. America needs to go back to how it was a long time ago where people actually worked and went outside to play, not calling chess a sport. Just wow.

  • Yes it is

    "Brains over Brawn", the mind is stronger then any muscles. It is kind of stupid to train your body but not your mind. Stupid and strong is a bad plan. Chess is far more a sport then football, and such because you need to plan ahead, not listen to a coach who was trained to yell at you. You must anticipate the future and see threats from the past.

  • Should chess be a sport?

    I say yes that chess should be considered as a sport. It is like among many other sports where you have to be strategic in order to win. Most people might say that it is just a boring old sport from China or Japan that only the old dead monks use to play thousands of years ago. Well that is not true at all. Chess is a widely competitive sport played all around the world. It also helps practice patience. To play chess is like balancing your body. Not too much on one side or the other. You're simply balanced on the scale of peace.

  • Chess is a Tactical Game of War

    Sports do not always have to involve physical movement. Sports are basically strategy and competition. Chess is both of these. Even though you are not physically moving the concept is still there. There are chess tournaments and chess teams fulfilling the requirement of competion. Racing remote controlled cars is also a sport and there is no exercise in that either!

  • Chess is definitely a sport

    Chess is a sport because the definition of a 'sport' is that you play with physical movement which involves skill and is played as a team or individually against another or others. Chess fits all these categories, it even has time limits,and involves tactics and strategy just like any other sport.

  • Chess is, by definition, a sport

    According to SportAccord, the prime source for sports info. Linking many world sports organizations, chess is a mind sport, which technically a sport. A sport can also be described as any type of competition, therefore including chess as a sport. As you can see, by most definitions, chess can be considered as a sport.

  • Chess? Sport? No!

    What is a sport in your opinion ladies and gentlemen? Well it is a way of physical excretion to keep your body fit and healthy! So what do you do in chess? Sit all day and try to win. Well, yes it does exercise your mind, improving your logic skills but of course not your body. Thus, I don't find chess a 'sport'.

  • Chess is NOT A SPORT

    The reason I have decided to make chess not a sport is there is no physical movement involved. To make an activity a sport, there must be some physical actions involved. Football is a sport. Tennis is a sport. However, chess is not. Video games are not. This is why chess is not a sport.

  • Too little physical activity.

    My Merriam-Webster dictionary defines sport as 1: a source of diversion; 2: physical activity engaged in for pleasure. Chess meets case 1, but not case 2, except perhaps for tournament situations where a chess master plays a large number of people at the same time (and may have to run between tables to keep the clocks from running).

  • A Board Game

    Chess is a board game. Granted, it is skill-based, it's not a game of sheer chance like Chutes and Ladders, Mouse Trap, or Candy Land, but it is still a bored game. The players sit sedentary and move pieces around on a Checker board. Checkers is also a skill-based board game. If one wants to claim Chess is a sport, it would logically follow he must claim Checkers as a sport as well, and no one seems willing to do that. It's ridiculous.

  • It said in the story

    You don't run like in soccer football or baseball tennis basketball a marathon out. Second what do you even do its not like you exercise or any thing like that. Third what do do pretty much nothing you just sit down and move pawns kings queens and knights. Clearly chess is not a sport OK.

  • No it's not

    It's a great game for the mind and logical but not a sport it's not physical and it requires just moving a game piece.In Basketball it's physical and Competitive it makes the body more fit and heathly.Chess is competitive but not Physical and it doesn't make the body fit but it helps the brain create mroe soloutions in certain situations.So in Conclusion chess is not a sport.

  • Chess is a Game

    Chess is a two-player board game believed to have been played in India as early as the sixth century AD. In different parts of this world, different chess games are played. The most played variants are western chess, Shogi (in Japan), and Xiangqi (in China).

    The western version of chess is a game played on an board, called a chessboard, of alternating black and white squares. Pieces with different types of allowed moves are placed on the board, a set of black pieces in the first two rows and a set of white pieces in the last two rows. The pieces are called the bishop (2), king (1), knight (2), pawn (8), queen (1), and rook (2). The object of the game is to capture the opponent's king.

  • A game, not a sport.

    Not, chess is not a sport. It is a game. It is a game that a lot of people are very passionate about and take very seriously, but it is a game nonetheless. To me, the definition of a sport requires you to be physically active, not just mentally active.

  • No way it's a sport!

    The legal definition of a sport is "an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, wrestling, boxing, hunting, fishing, etc.". Chess is not something that requires any physical or athletic activity whatsoever. People are just trying to make themselves feel better by saying chess is a sport. If your not active, it's not a sport.

  • No physical properties

    The definition of sport is: 'an activity involving physical exertion and skill which individuals or teams play another or others,' quoted from Google. How many people sweat, tear muscles or go to their physical limits playing chess? Chess is a board game not a sport. It is something that you play on a rainy day.

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GWL-CPA says2013-08-15T17:20:21.400
Actually, the IOC recognized the FIDE or the “World Chess Federation” and the “Chess Olympiad,” a biennial chess tournament, which began in 1927. It did not recognize chess as a sport.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Olympiad was not recognized by the IOC until June 1999, when the IOC recognized the FIDE. The use of name "Chess Olympiad" for FIDE's team championship is of historical origin and implies no connection with the Olympic Games.
“FIDE at SportAccord: will chess ever become an Olympic sport?”
Back then, Ilyumzhinov was optimistic as always and said that there were "good chances". He decided to contact the IOC in Lausanne, and received the following reply:
"To answer your question, please note that Chess is considered a "Mind Sport" and as part of its systematic review of the Sports Programme in 2002 the Olympic Programme Commission concluded that "Mind Sports" should not be eligible for admission to the Programme and there has been no change to these conclusions since then. (...) Federations of sports which are not eligible to be considered for the Olympic Programme should be informed of this to avoid any unnecessary communication, lobbying and expense on their behalf."
People that think chess is a sport are mindless idiots!
GWL-CPA says2014-01-08T16:11:33.917
You folks that think Chess is a sport are delusional. You don't know what you are talking about. The Olympic Committee has never recognized chess as a sport.

"The USOC Membership & Credentials Commitee has not approved our application as an Affiliated Sports Organization. The sole reason was given as failure to show that USCF governs a "sport" -- the committee was not convinced that chess meets its definition of "sport."

I am a pretty good chess players and have played against Masters, no Grand Masters yet.

I was very good in sports and have played many. I have never sweated from chess during or after a competition because it is not a sport where body muscles are used. It can be called a mind sport because muscles are not used. Also, the brain is not a muscle.

Checkers is a mind sport that does not involve muscles where both players start with the same number of pieces and the winner has more skill.

So why not allow checkers in the Olympics?

Why not poker, contact bridge, backgammon and mahhong?

You don't have to train physically to be a Grand Master, and many have been out of shape and fat. You don't win a physical sport if you are out of shape and fat. Do you get it yet?

You don't use muscles in chess except to move chess pieces.

Sports require lots of muscles and physical training.

By the way for all you people who are mentioning auto or boat racing, those are motor sports. And, those motor sports require a lot of physical stamina (e.G., absorbing g-forces, steering and shifting gears for hours in very hot fire protection suites) and great hand and eye-coordination skills and you are risking your life. You will never see some very overweight out of shape person in those motor sports. And, most if not all the people in those motor sports do a lot of physical training

“NASCAR drivers have been known to lose up to 10 or more pounds during a race that can last over four hours.” Chess players do not lose any weight during a 4 hour chess match, because they do not do anything that is physically strenuous, which is way chess is not a sport but a game.

Many chess players are overweight and do not exercise.

“Chess players are the special group of sportsmen whose training programme and participation in tournaments do not demand high-intensity muscle effort. Sedentary lifestyle and improper eating of chess players may provoke the development of various diseases, especially overweight and obesity and reduce sport results.”

This argument that chess is a sport is just plain stupid and made by little egg heads, most of whom have never excelled in sports or even play sports at a higher competitive level, e.G., on a high school or college teams or professional sports where you are paid money.

Have you ever played a sport at the competitive level, e.G., on a high school team, college or pro sports teams?

I doubt it!