• Thank you media.

    Thanks to the media trials you hold that use one sided speculation to convict officers long before legal charges are even made, you have achieved so much.
    Sure, police were already associated with bad things like being given a ticket or arrested but lately the media has associated them with murder. They forget that people often try to avoid being arrests at any cost. This resistance causes police to use more force than they would otherwise need. Because they had to use more force, others view it as excessive force so blame the officer and not the suspect who initiated the reason. Because the police were already looked down upon, they made easy targets for the media. Because it is procedure to wait till the facts are in before talking to the media, the media takes advantage and uses this to paint the officer as the villain and the person they had to use force on as an innocent victim. Long before any charges have been officially filed, the media has already played prosecution, judge, and juror so the public automatically assumes guilt and demands punishment.
    Because the press and the people implicate the management of the police force in what they see as a crime, they have gone after people like the police commissionaire. This has cause them to throw the officer under the bus to protect their jobs instead of trying to support them as they should. This rise in opposition to police has also caused others to assault and kill police like the case in Chicago.
    Tho some of these past officers may not be entirely innocent, imagine if you were one of the many other officers who tries to do their job the best they can and see someone you suspect of a violent crime. If you go after the suspect, there is a good chance that you will have to use force to subdue them. This may lead to charges (by the press) that cause you to be treated as the criminal. This is besides the fact that just the pursuit could lead you to being shot yourself. Tell me, why would you bother going after a violent criminal when it would easily cause you to take his/her place?
    No only do police lack motive to pursue possibly violent suspects but has cause fewer people to want to enter law enforcement. Towns and cities across the nation, including Chicago have a lack of new recruits. In some places, new enrollment is down 90%.*
    With fewer officers and the lack of motivated officers, it is easy to see why many violent criminals are not arrested so can continue to commit violent crime.
    It always makes good news to look down on people we see as those with power. What we fail to see is that the media has tremendous power. When they abuse their power, they just hide behind freedom of the press so take no responsibility to their actions.

  • Yes, Chicago is too violent.

    Chicago has become one of the most violent cities in the United States. In recent years, gun violence in the city has resulted in the deaths of thousands; many of them teenagers. Much of the city's violence has been ignored by the mainstream media, as well as by politicians, because the solutions are not clear-cut. In short, yes, Chicago has become too violent.

  • Chicago's violence needs to be curbed

    Chicago is constantly in the news for murders and other aggressive crimes. They often rank as the most violent city in America. This is cause for serious concern. The city is too violent for people to live there safely, so I believe that more measures need to be taken to keep this violence in check.

  • Yes, Chicago has a much too high rate of murders and violent crime.

    A total of 468 people were murdered in Chicago in 2015, a figure that should be unacceptable in any city. Chicago had more murders than New York City, which has over three times Chicago's population. Some 2,500 more people were shot and wounded, meaning someone was shot in the city every three hours on average throughout the year. One could argue that any violence is too much, but certainly violence in these numbers is not tolerable.

  • Yes, some poor people in America resort to violence as a means of escaping poverty, rather than fatalistically accepting it with peón-like fortitude.

    I think this has largely happened in Chicago. Today more people live in suburbs today than the city itself. Look what good that has done for the city. The South Side in particular used to be working class neighborhoods rather than horribly impoverished ones - now all those people live in Dolton and Tinley Park. But what does poverty have to do with violence? Can poor people not be good people? Some poor people in America resort to violence as a means of escaping poverty, rather than fatalistically accepting it with peón-like fortitude.

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