• Cyberwar has been dominated by China

    While they are one of our largest trading partners economically, they are by far and away the largest threat in the cyber community. No other country has the resources coupled with state-sponsored cyber teams that China has, and they have been invading US intelligence, administrative, and private data sources since the 1980s. In point of fact, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and even North Korea are minor blips on the radar of US security, but get a lot of press since 9/11. While it is really exciting and makes great news stories to say we are "at war with terror", it is dramatically overblown. We have killed more of our own people going to war and in domestic gun violence than died in the attacks of 9/11 since that time. Losing control of our data over decades isn't exciting, doesnt make sexy headlines, but it is far more damaging to the US as a nation.

  • China is not a friendly nation.

    China is the number one enemy of America. This is because the country has taken so many American jobs away and also owns so much land and property in the United States. America must keep on its toes, keep working on domestic manufacturing, and not make it easy for any country to have a stronghold over us.

  • The USA Needs China's Support in Times of Crises.

    China has never been an enemy and will not be. The Us needs China's support for its economy, political agenda, and foreign policies in order to maintain the world super power in times of crises. It will be stupid for the US not to make a friend with China. China is a powerful rival, not an enemy of the USA.

  • No, Al-Qaeda is the number one enemy of America.

    Although China will certainly be a formidable rival of America in the 21st century, America's number one enemy is Al-Qaeda, the stateless network of terrorists behind the 9/11 attack. 9/11 fundamentally reshaped America's foreign relations and domestic politics, particularly when it comes to attitudes about civil liberties. China has never had such a devastating effect on the U.S.

  • No they are not an enemy.

    China is actually an ally and a great trade partnet, and a country who, for the most part, works well with the United States. So no, they are not an enemy of America. They are a competitor for global economic domination, and are starting to advance in science, but they are not the enemy.

  • Iran is much worse.

    No, China is not the number one enemy of America, because we do too much commerce with China for them to want to do anything to us. We also have many worse enemies. Palestine wants to obliterate Israel and the United States along with it. Iran would have nuked us by now if they thought they could get away with it. China is the least of our problems.

  • North Korea Is

    I do not believe China is the number one enemy of America. I believe we have other enemies that are less consistent and more difficult to get a reading on. I would say North Korea is our biggest enemy and one we're still technically at war with. Beyond that, China ranks fairly high, but we tend to see the threat as more manageable.

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