• Yes, China's God of war statute is overdone

    Yes, China's God of war statute is overdone. China is a culture that is incredibly nationalistic and takes the pain of losing historical wars very seriously to this day. The country has a National Humiliation Day to remind the people of what thew nation needs to overcome due to its losses in war.

  • God of War statue is over the top

    China unveiled a statue that commemorates their God of War. This statue is enormous and dominates the skyline, making it one of the most overdone statues ever built. This extravagance seems over-the-top to me, on the same scale as the statue of Jesus that exists in South America. Both statues are huge icons.

  • Yes, it is over the top.

    The statue is overdone, but it is a great example of the Chinese culture and can be seen as appropriate in that way. It is difficult to truely evaluate the sculpture based on a western worldview, but it definately could be less flashy and less attention grabbing and still get the message accross.

  • Please, there are taller Guan Yu statues.

    According to Russia Today, it's not even the tallest Guan Yu statue that China has. The tallest statue is in "his hometown of Changping in the Shanxi province, where Guan Yu dominates the town from a height of 61 meters." I think, by definition, that makes this new statue incapable of being overdone.

    Also, Guan Yu, a historical figure who later deified, "has already been immortalized in several statues around the world including in Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam."

    So, it's not like Guan Yu is "especially Chinese" making this some kind of big huge nationalistic middle finger to the rest of the world.

    Y'all should stop being mad just because China has an awesome looking huge war god and we don't.

  • No, China's statue is not overdone.

    No, I don't feel that China's "God of War" statue is overdone. It probably reflects traditions and cultural nuances that perhaps the rest of the world doesn't get. A statue is part art, part a reflection of a country's ideas, cultures, people, and ideals. This statue is just that, no more.

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