• Chris is the true hero

    So Chris started off in the resident evil series. He also has more hard and sadder experiences Chris never gives up he is always on point and on his toes all though Leon has fought many bosses Chris been through more rough experiences. Chris works for the BSAA and follows orders. Chris has fought and survived ever since the birth of resident evil. So Chris deserves a spot as my favorite hero(not as a hero with powers)

  • Original is always best

    Chris is a soldier. A warrior. A brother. A hero. He was there at the start with Jill Valentine and has been through more than any other single RE character to date. He displays virtues across the entire wheel of leadership, from resilience and responsiveness, to empathy, collaboration and innovation.

  • He's Jill's choice

    And aslo Chris is the Ryu of RE series, Leon is like Ken. Even if Leon is flashier, nothing matches the stoicism and leadership of Chris. An check the fight: Chris lands three hits on Leon, whereas lends only one (if you count the one where he catches him off guard)

  • He definitely is!

    Chris was the very first protagonist of Resident Evil, along with Jill and by far he was the only that keep facing Wesker throughout many fights and Leon didn't even face Wesker simply because Wesker doesn't care about Leon live or die, he cares to kill Chris because Chris foiled his plan a few times and Wesker was way more dangerous than anyone boss, definitely tougher than Saddler. Chris also killed Alexia, she was the toughest boss of Resident Evil, beside Wesker. Chris' scenarios are always harder than Leon. Resident Evil 4 wasn't that hard and you will not die with one hit in RE4 but you will die with one hit in RE5 if u play both games in professional. Chris saved the world, Leon did too but however, he defeated Simmon but Chris and Piers also defeated HAOS!

  • Chris is that guy.

    Chris Redfield joined the airforce around 17 (Leon was in middle school) and joined STARS in his 20's. Leon was a rookie police officer at age 22. Chris has four years of experience. While Leon is talking to the President, Chris is somewhere fighting BOWs. Chris will do everything to bring down those responsible for the terrorist threats. Chris has seen and has done more.

  • Old school is better than new school

    Chris Redfield is a character from the very beginning of Resident Evil. He has lived through so many stages of the virus and is a seasoned veteran of the outbreak. The fact that he has survived longer than Leon Kennedy proves that he is better than him. Obviously this question will invoke biased answers, but this is my opinion.

  • Yes, He Is

    Chris Redfield is an absolute beast of a human being. He is a veteran of the STARS team and probably has the biggest biceps of any human being in the world. He is so much of a man that he punches boulders when they get in his way. I bet Leon can't do that.

  • Yes he is

    When the Resident Evil series begins, Chris Redfield is already a hardened veteran of STARS. He is dropped into a new situation but takes it in stride, ruthlessly gunning down zombies and monsters like he would drug dealers or murderers. He is the hero of the Resident Evil arc as his final showdown with Albert Wesker was one for the history books. Leon Kennedy is a hero in his own right, but his adventures are more self-contained and not as closely related to the main arc.

  • Chris is not better than leon!

    I noticed that Capcom favors Chris over Leon because he was the first lead protagonist and that he appeared in more resident evil games and cross over games than leon. Chris gets too much spotlight that makes leon fans not happy and I really wished that capcom can put leon in more resident evil games and cross over games. Leon starred in resident evil 2, resident evil 4, resident evil 6, and resident evil the darkside chronicles. Leon appeared in resident evil operation racoon city and pxz2. Leon appeared in three movies including the upcoming movie. Leon should get more support and if chris and leon were in a fight leon would win because he is fast and very intelligent unlike chris who does not really think in a fight and just charges in without even realizing what the opponent is going to do next which is chris's biggest weakness. We all should know that its not the strongest that survives its the intelligent and quick that survives. If you noticed chris always has a partner with him after the mansion incident and he always relies on partners helping him complete missions. Leon had no partner in his first two games and he survived on his own just fine. If chris was in resident evil 4 he would not make it half way through on his own without a partner and all that tells you that leon is the better character. I'm not saying that i don't like chris its just that leon should get more spotlight too.

  • Leon is 1 game behind Chris

    If your going by stats-
    Strength-Chris (stronger in the long run, end of story)
    Speed-Leon (runs from giant boulders)
    Agility-Leon (runs up walls to dodge lasers)
    Gun Skill-Chris (bested in the BSAA by only Wesker)
    Knife Skill-Leon (watch krauser vs Leon knife fight)
    Boss Difficulty-Leon (didn't have any help or weaknesses to exploit)
    Emotional Control-Leon (loses president, Chris loses squad and flips)
    CQC-Tie (if Leon can do that with a knife, imagine his fist)
    Missions-Chris (save planet vs save Presidents Daughter)
    Raw Talent-Leon (a normal cop went pro vs a formerly trained agent)

  • lol wut

    How do we judge who is better? By number of zombie kills? Popularity polls? Circumference of biceps? I'm at a loss as to what "better" actually means! If you ask me they're both interesting characters in an interesting video game. Although Chris Redfield would never, "CUT AND RUN," so maybe he has that one advantage.

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