• Of course it is. Logic is the antagonist of religion.

    I don't really need to write much here because I think along the same lines as the person above. In the past few years I have completely refused to argue with religious persons, the reason being that when I begin to use logic they tend become loud and irate, sometimes even violently so. This is because they rely on faith and an outdated book to explain things to them that any slightly educated person could figure out for themselves. And if there is no explanation for it? That means we haven't been able to figure it out in a logical manner. The religious way around this is just to make it up as you go.

  • It was logical 2000 years ago, but now it's ridiculous.

    Logic and Reason is the language of Science and the Universe. It's the way it functions. The majority of claims from all the holy books, spiritual guides, superstitions, astrology, and the supernatural, don't have any logic, reason, or scientific evidence to back them up. In fact, many things have already been disproved (found impossible to exist), and anyone who uses their brain and their own senses to learn things, can see that none of these things make sense in the real world. They totally conflict with what we know are facts.
    Logic and Faith are not compatible.

    The way the human brain works is by trying to make sense of the environment around it. When it can't explain something, it makes something up until it can figure out what's actually going on. The bible was written in an age where people knew very little about anything, therefore this book was written to try and explain why things are the way they are in the world around us. Now that we actually understand what things actually are, and why natural events take place, books like the bible, and other superstitions are not needed any more to put our minds at ease. Therefore, the idea of God is just a coping mechanism.

    "What could possibly go wrong if you live your life following ancient laws written in dead languages by ignorant, racist, sexist, superstitious barbarians who believed everything they could not explain in the world was magic?"

  • Christianity is a religion, not a science.

    Religion is concerned with the Sacred. Science is associated with the natural universe. Science is very limited. It can only explain things within the universe. Religion and science do not contradict because they are simply involved with two different things: (1) the material universe and (2) what is beyond it. The Holy Bible does not need any scientific evidence behind it, because the authors never intended to write a scientific textbook. God literally gave them the words they wrote. Science cannot question what God says.

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