Is Christianity the best religion in the world?

Asked by: Juris
  • Yes It is.

    It is an amazing religion that spreads LOVE and FORGIVENESS. Obviously some Christians are hateful but ultimately they're the ones who misinterpret it. Today, if you tell someone you're a christian they automatically look down to you: that's prejudice. Christianity, to me, is the best religion, but hey, that's just my opinion.

  • Yes it is best religion

    Jesus is the only god who accepted a terrible death for the forgiveness of human sin and prayed for his persecuter. Persecution is prohibited in christianity and those who do so are doing it against will of god. Mary did not cheat but she is a virgin women who bore a son out of the holy spirit.

  • Yes, but its not all cookies and candy.

    Christians are not the only ones who have done terrible things for their religion. Take Islam for example. They spread their religion at the point of a sword. Also, God is everywhere at once, so you can never be alone. Plus you are free to leave Christianity whenever you want. However, Christians are very often prosecuted and the majority of the world hates them. There are many false Christians as well. Thank you for letting me share my argument. God bless.

  • There is no such thing the best

    Whilst Christianity was a religion that can be said to have instigated hatred and violence, this all happened hundreds of years ago. Rather dwelling on the past, one should focus on the present, and at present Christianity is a good religion.
    If it is the best religion is another question. As a Christian I do believe that it presents profound ideas about God, however through the actions of a man, so that Gods love may be understood by all. I do however strongly believe in the Buddhist faith. Since Buddhists do not believe in a God, they do not answer to a divine authority, an are so able to make there own path.
    All religions have there strong points, therefore any could be the best, however I voted yes for I do not believe that Christianity is the worst religion.

  • It has the most underlying truths

    In the Bible, many morals and virtues are advocated for. They are taught to be a good thing and moreover, scientific proofs are scattered throughout. They had no way of knowing that there are mountains in the sea 2,000+ years ago, but it is mentioned in the Bible. It supports all things that are good unlike some other religions, like Islam. Christianity is the most successful religion in the modern day for a reason.

  • You're free to follow the Bible, or to follow any other religion

    God is powerful, so all religions say. And our God too, is!

    So can evolution process not be done faster?

    We can create videos in slo-mo and videos in several faster 'x mode.

    God can do things faster than we all think and He can make it damn slower, so light will only reach us billions later from the farthest of the universe.

    99% Christians are name-sake christians. The best and the worst of Humans can be found in Christianity.

    Only a fraction of 1% (Unknown to me how where the decimal is to be put, I am not God) will get to be with HIM.

    Now, am I in that? No. Can I try to be in that? Yes.

    Can we all not be in that? No. Can we all try to be in that? Yes.

    Christianity is not a religion. It is the answer for everything.

    Learn it, understand it. You've the choice to follow it, or to shun it.

    When His time comes, He will be here for the true followers.

  • You're free to follow Bible or to follow any other religion.

    Christianity is based on God reaching for Man. Other religions are about man reaching for God
    Our leader is the judge of all mankind.
    It will remain the Only way to conquer death. Time will tell you, eventually :)
    It is about love and forgiveness.
    God, the father is zealous of his rules. Punishment follows for breaking a boundary.
    (If we commit a crime, we as a people demand death sentence or capital punishment. Even ask for the predator to be given in our hands) If the creator wants to punish generations of generations, it is fair for Him. After all, He made man and didn't make him, His puppet. He gave a 'choice' and he has the choice even now, such as we can argue here to say 'yes' or 'no'. If only one choice was allowed?

    The Heavenly Father is all forgiving, but at the same time He has the power to strike mankind. He only asked us to be good, but we are the opposite. If you have not sinned, please take a dig at God, he won't mind. Else, He has funny moments with you, everytime when we try to understand the celestial being with a mortal brain.

    It is true the largest number of deaths are recorded because of Christianity. Crusaders who persecuted and forced Christianity will never be counted to Christianity. And there are thousand of reasons where a man will fail to become the true follower.

    Jesus was brutally killed as a choice made by men, it was also the will of God to lay down His Son as the Mediator, as the example of being Human, yet perfect.

    He was not pleased to give Man - 'Choice'and to demand 'sacrifices' by man. Which only meant to man as, if man wanted to sin, he could repent later with a sacrifice. So he decided to send His Son, for the ultimate sacrifice, which has ended all sacrifices for all the days to come. He now requires the perfect handful of people for His Kingdom. Doing good deeds does not give us entry to his kingdom

    Christianity does not offer wealth, or happiness on this earth. So, if you think following bible, will give you money, or your greed is fulfilled, your days are numbered.
    It is a dictionary to define the true God, a guide to bear suffering in the hope of being with HIM, one day. It can test us to the edge of the cliff, it can also give you Peace when everything fails you.

    It is the only one way to reach God

    Evolution as science by men is true, evolution as the answer to God's creation is a justification theory for our small minds.

    It is true that the universe existed billions of years ago and we are seeing the light several billions later. To think that 'Breath of Life' was evolution is to say God does not exist.

    To be continued.....

  • The One Based...

    Christianity, unlike all other religons is based on something that either happened or it didn't. So, based on that, if Christianity (namely Jesus) lied then all of them lied because many say Jesus was a "good teacher". If your life is a lie it really makes you quite evil so nothing you say can really qualify as good...
    And it's all true,let's not forget that.

  • It's the only religion redeeming itself.

    Even if Christianity did harm and wars,but that was at least 300 years ago.Today it is far more tolerant and is welcoming people of different religions in the most christians countries,there are muslims in Rome,imagine christians living in mecca islam's holiest place and it is the most persecuted religion in the world and ignored by the media.

  • There is ONLY one way to reach God.

    Christianity is the only religion in which God reaches out to man. All other religions are attempts by man to reach up to God. Christianity is the only religion that fully deals with sin because of Christ’s atoning work on the Cross. Christianity is the only religion that offers its followers true assurance of salvation because our salvation is based upon Christ’s works, not our own.

  • Quite the opposite

    Christianity has done a lot of harm throughout it's creation. While Christians claim to be persecuted by their peers they forget how often they are the ones doing the persecution. The crusades, forcing followers of other religions to convert or die, and spreading their faith through a system that resembles brainwashing targeted at children. No religion is "the best" because they all do harm in one way or another

  • It's the worst religion

    I've grown up in a Christian home and having people around you who believe in one god just does not make sense to me. The so called " Jesus Christ" that was born from the so called "christian god"(Mary cheated on Joseph and Joseph was just so lonely he'd be with anyone. Think about all the wrong christian's have done in this world. For example The crudsades and the spainards tricking and capturing people and turning them into slaves.

  • No, there is no best religion.

    Religions are not about being the best or the worst. Religions are subjective. Saying Christianity is the best religion is the same as saying that red is the best color. It's not it at all. Christianity is the best religion to certain INDIVIDUALS. Wicca may be best for other individuals, Buddhism may be best for others, others have no faith at all and it is FINE.

  • Christianity has it good points but it far from being perfect

    The whole concept of christianity focuses on the brutal killing and torturing of God's own son. Why should god be so brutal and kill him for the sins of mankind? Why did God not just forgive him and humanity as well. Furthermore, if you don't believe in the death of Christ you are automatically doomed and have to go to hell. That means no matter how good you are as a person, just the fact that you don't believe in that sacrifice you have to go to hell?

    We as Hindus believe there are many ways to rech God and he is not limited to a single book or a single person. Many followers of Christianity, Islam and Judaism keep on fighting about little issues and have forgotten the real purpose of religion: Being one with God.

  • Religion of hate... The worst suprimacy of churches

    The bride the poor people around fr better life in exchange 2 change there religion,, they are the master of trickes.. Showing false dreams to the poor and forcing them to chang religion... Its like game 2 them.. They r neither have scientific courses in there life.. Just showing people false path... Christianity has the worlds top smugglers... They were the cause of both the world war ...This explains wht christianity preaches... Shame on this religion

  • No such thing

    For all you people who say yes, do a little research, your religion has made quite a few mistakes, and they ended with a lot of death, so... Make sure you know your history before having complete faith in others, I don't mean just Christians, all religions, you shouldn't give up everything and completely remake your life because of one church meeting. For everyone who did, or would vote yes for this, name as many religions as you can (and if it supports the idea of God, Jesus, and Satan, it counts as one religion), and then count how many you have tried. There are dozens of religions out there, but our messed up world has Christians there, there, there, and did you see the group over there? So how many of us get to even hear the name of these other religions? Much less try them?

  • I don't want pressure, I want a choice and to follow the best path for me.

    I'm Wiccan, and not afraid to say it! I am Wiccan because it is all about doing what is best for you, I woke up on Sundays to go to christian Church though because my parents were christians, that was all the choice I had, and also I was 5 years old. Was I ready to make a life changing decision? No. I am Wiccan because I was allowed to make a choice and question everything to see if this was the path for me. It fits my life perfectly, my morals, my beliefs, my reasons to get up in the morning and fight against the wrongs in this world, I did not get that as a christian, and because of christians, I lose my best friends because I believe in magic, but they are so set in their beliefs that they accepted from the day they were born, because that is the only thing they knew. So no, there is no perfect religion, there is only better for some and worse for others.

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