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  • In a word- no. Those unaffiliated with religion tend to read more than one book.

    To the believers of Christianity, stop wasting your time! Trust me when I say this, but there are no longer those who exist to threaten you into their religion with swords and flames directed towards your family (namely, mercenaries). Why don't you simply skip the step where you pray to the part where you concede, "it's god's will?" Another thing, I am going to assume that those of you who are religious are sheltered from the world and/or have heard of tragedy in the most flowery and optimistic of lights; where you hear about the starving child soldier in Africa once every couple of months.
    Well, things aren't that simple. Where is your god when limbs are falling off as a result of flesh-eating bacteria? When your child is born with cleft jaw and cerebral palsy? When your lovely neighbor was riddled with bullets to the jaw, eye, and liver for her wallet? When carbon dating indisputably refutes any backing of the old testament? When you realize that the white, fine powder leaping out of the Twin Towers is crushed human matter? When that same child soldier is forced to fire upon his parents?
    To the stalwart, unshakable Christians for whom no evidence (or lack of it) will change their mind to believe that religion is- in fact- in the wrong place, wrong time, and certainly unnecessary, I hope that you all sustain concussions or other related head injuries that magically allow you to accept reason.

  • No Religion Has All the Answers

    Christianity isn't the superior world religion by any means. No single religion has all the answers. God speaks to everyone differently, and as such there are more than 7 billion ideas of what kind of being God is for humanity. The most important thing for any spiritual experience is to have a personal relationship with whatever you believe in.

  • Christianity is not Superior

    No, Christianity is not the superior world religion. All world religions tend to follow the same basic set of tenets. That is, they all preach peace among oneself and one's neighbors, peace among nations, and a reverence for the divine. In this way, Christianity is not superior to other religions, but the equal to other religions.

  • No, Christianity is not the superior world religion.

    I believe Atheists are the superior world religion. I think religion is starting to become a thing of the past. Technology has allowed people to understand that their is no heaven or hell. It has allowed people to understand that God is just a figment of their imagination. Atheists are becoming very popular.

  • Christianity is not the superior world religion.

    Although Christianity is a popular religion, it is not superior to any other religion. All religions have been used to justify wars, and all religions are equally flawed. Christianity is popular because of its long history. Other religions are good for people who have known and practiced them for their entire lives.

  • Christianity Superior to Nothing

    In reality, Christianity isn't superior to any other religion. Every religion should be considered equal to the others because they're all valid religions. Everyone believes in something different, and the numbers game doesn't make Christianity any better than other religions like Islam or Judaism. It's not a superior religion by any means.

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