• Yes, of course

    I don't think that all these people who love xmas so much,go to the stores to experience Jesus spirit and they don't pray for God while they eat extreme amounts of food.Xmas is still a period when people are give more love,but for a different reason, not relegion.I'm a person that doesn't have a relegion,though I can see the above clearly.

  • Overcommercialised claptrap every year

    You can blame Macy's department store and Coca Cola for all this. It is shoved in your face every year and if Christ could see what has become of his celebration of his birth he would punish us all. The religious significance has completely gone out the window same thing every year.

  • We have become wasteful, whiny and ungrateful

    In a world with an abyss of inequality and a planet in peril I find the wastefulness around Christmas to be distasteful. We throw away so much food and packaging and buy things we don't need and that are fast discarded for the next shiny new bauble. Adults and kids alike focus on receiving gifts and not on the family or charity focus of Christmas as a holiday. It is a symptom of a society that is sick all year round, not just over the holidays.

  • You need to spend time with family

    Christmas is all about spending time with your family and giving thanks to Jesus it's not about the presents that's just wasting money then later on they won't even use the gift. I mean gifts are pretty cool but you need a good opportunity to spend time with family and to give thanks.

  • Kids focus on santa

    People need to be focused on being thank full for their parents generosity. Though santa is a great tradition, children need to know it is symbolic, not real. This will allow them to be grateful for their parents giving and how much their parents love them. I need four words

  • There are even loan sites saying that if you take out a loan then you can afford christmas

    The very reason that you need a loan means that you cant afford Christmas then you will be even more in debt and need more loans it is a viscous circle and then you will end up on the street and that is not a very nice life for your child

  • Yes christmas is commericial

    Most people think of Christmas as a time to be with family and friends, however there are exceptions namely, business managers. Business managers see Christmas not as a joyful celebration but as something that you can make use of and manipulate to sell your goods. To them Christmas is both a blessing and a curse; it has a lot of potential as a profit booster but ‘The Christmas Trading Act’ ( passed in 2004) prohibits most large stores from opening on Christmas Day which is a hindrance as the workers request paid leave.
    There is also the matter of having to go straight back to work on Boxing Day for the ‘Boxing Day Sales’ that take place in shops up and down the country. This wrenches the working classes from their families the mere day after Christmas so they do not get to enjoy any of the usual rest and relaxation that comes with the second half of the Christmas period. This is just another mark of how Christmas has become far too commercial.

  • Totally Dude for real

    It's a load of old tosh it's all money money money money makes me sick. Were all like lemmings. And it's not for adults. It's commercialised money making like valentines day, easter, even Halloweens gone. I blame the yanks. Over hyped bullshit just like everything else should ban Christmas presents.

  • It is meant to bring family together

    I love eating dog and putting it in my mouth, i also like eating cat and putting it in the microwave and watching it blow up. The commercials need to stop so i have more time to eat cat and dog. I like men im my room it feels good.

  • This isn't what it was meant to be

    This was meant to celebrate family and being together, not going out and buying all you can buy so you can spend more on wrapping paper and give it to your kids who will play for it for a week then forget about it! It's about family and being happy.

  • No it's is not

    We can't help it the fact that we spend too much money on Christmas we just want to make our kids happy because we fear if we do not get what they want then we will let them down, we still do celebrate Christmas with family but not all people are religious.

  • Christmas spirit and thanksgiving

    Christmas is not a huge commercialising, commercialising gets you dreagged into the Christmas spirit. some commercials have gifts that you won't to buy for your family members. Or some ideas of some your decorations or some embellishments for your Christmas tree or your functiom. This would be a great opportunity for all of us to have fun enjoy your presents. They might be some competitions you would like to join in I think It would be a great opportunity

  • There is no true 'meaning of Christmas' anyway

    For starters, I don't agree that Christmas is all about presents, because people still value spending time with their family. Large family meals are still popular. Most people stay in with their families on Christmas Day. While the religious element is now less relevant, the religious element was always false. It was simply a means of instilling Christian ideals to the Pagan Solstice festival. The meaning of Christmas has changed over time, but to say that it's too commercial is strange when companies can only promote products because people still want to give others gifts, to show how much you appreciate them.

  • It is what you make it.

    You can choose what to focus on during Christmas. There is fun in purchasing gifts for those who you love and for those who are in need. One of the problems is that buying gifts is becoming more and more difficult for those who need nothing that you can afford. With so many using the credit card there is a culture of instantaneous gratification which does not wait for Christmas to get what one wants. So, Christmas can be too commercial if we see it as what we will receive for ourselves, but it is also a time when we can focus on giving to those who have a need.

  • It is but we can't help it

    Christmas is way too commercialized, incredibly but we just can't help it. In our generation, people care about the presents and always anticipate this holiday. It's not like they only care about the presents either, it's more of the essence of the holiday spirit i guess. I mean what do you expect, Christmas has escalated to be such a big holiday and so what business wouldn't try to cease the opportunity. You can't expect a business or something to not ride the 'Christmas spirit' to sell and such. I for one think it's too commercialized also, I cringe when I start seeing Christmas items on sale when it's still October/November but then again, I also enjoy the whole presents and gathering together feel of Christmas because it makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the actual day. I acknowledge that Christmas is meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus and that its about the love and care but we can also see this through the buying of presents and the gathering of family. So what I'm trying to say is that Christmas is far too commercialized but there are positive points to it...

  • Not too commercialized

    I believe Christmas is not commercialized too much. I believe commercialism is when emphasis on the maximizing of profit and practices and attitudes that are concerned with the making of profit at the expense of quality. I think nothing can be too commercialized. If it was too commercialized the NFL or the MLB, and also the NBA would be considered too commercialized

  • No no no (like ho ho ho)

    No its not people are allowed to like getting presents and theres nothing work with that but what people need to realise (talking about those people who said yes) is that although some we get carried away that doest mean we do know the true meaning of christmas is we all know what the meaning of christmas is as long as we believe. By the way Australia is better than America because our president isn't Donald trump. JK

  • No no no (like ho ho ho)

    No its not people are allowed to like getting presents and theres nothing work with that but what people need to realise (talking about those people who said yes) is that although some we get carried away that doest mean we do know the true meaning of christmas is we all know what the meaning of christmas is as long as we believe. By the way Australia is better than America because our president isn't Donald trump. JK

  • I think it's all about the gifts

    When I was a kid it was fun we decorated a real tree listen to Christmas music we had fun we got bikes and played out side on that day now u don't see that the true meaning of Christmas is about our savior birth which is Jesus but because Christmas has become so Commercialized kids across America is probably not been taught the truth it's sad now it's about all the decorations and stuff and how much money u can spend people are way to stressed out when the main focus should be while we celebrate any ways I can see why Jehovah whiteness don't celebrate . Not to say it's right but at least they not rushing to black Friday ever year .America let's bring back the good old days of the holiday let our new generation know what the holiday is about let's stop making a fool of ourselves making the retail store rich not saying not to buy presents not at all but as we do so let us be thankful for the birth of Jesus Christ may God bless u

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