• Holidays are now just opportunities to get "great deals" without celebrating the true meaning

    The root of Christmas is widely forgotten and abandoned by many people in today's society. People treat it like a sale day and a time to get the latest and greatest items. People don't even celebrate the holiday anymore really. It's to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and people don't even recognize that anymore. People just complain and are full of greed during a time of happiness, joy, and generosity. I wonder what kids would do if they got NOTHING AT ALL.

  • Commercialisation is Christmas!!!

    Christmas has been given a scent from candles and traditions like bringing in a tree and santa and stockings and holly and mistletoe aren't christian ideas!!! I think it is better this way so everyone can celebrate rather than christian people and everyone has time off to be with their families.

  • Santa Claus weirdness

    11% of children in a recent survey said that Christmas was for the birth of Santa Claus. Phhhbt. See? This is what I mean. Obviously kids are becoming mislead. There are too many adverts on presents. If only children would see that Christmas is for giving and family. The sadness.

  • Yes Christmas is coming to be too commercialized.

    The true meaning of Christmas is virtually gone. Everyone still has the warmth in their hearts but not the true meaning within them.
    Christmas is a time for family. Everyone gets a holiday vacation where everyone can take a long needed break. We gather around the fire and enjoy grandma and grandpas young childhood Christmas memories. The thing is everyone is not surrounded by family anymore its all about the presents and gifts now.

  • Celebration of jesus birth

    Nowadays christmas is more about the food the presents etc. We are forgetting about the true meaning of christmas. This day is meant to be about celebrating Jesus birth and remembering him. However some people don't even go to church on Christmas Day. We are trying to make Christmas look like how it looks in adverts, but we just need to remember and celebrate as a family.

  • Christmas is the celebration of Jesus Christ's birthday

    So many people, including so-called Christians, have totally forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. Nowadays, a lot of children get sad and/or mad when they don't get what they want for Christmas under the Christmas tree, but they including their parents have totally forgotten the reason and meaning of Christmas, which is supposed to be the celebration of Jesus's birthday. I'm not against the presents and all, but people need to stop worrying about gifts so much and focus more on Jesus, family and friends, giving, and love.

  • Christmas is the celebration of Jesus Christ

    So many people, including so-called Christians, have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. Nowadays kids cry and/or get mad when they don't get what they want for Christmas under the Christmas tree but they including their parents have totally forgotten the whole point of it. Corporate greed has taken over Christmas and it is no longer celebrated by a lot of people for the true reason and meaning of Christmas, which is Jesus Christ.

  • One of The Seven Deadly Sins

    Corporate and human GREED. This is the way of human nature in the new normal world. It is a downright shame that this is what the humans in this country have come down to. If people in this country would just slow down long enough for a reality check we might be a little better off. Corporate big shots have modern time narcissism and use holidays, especially Christmas, for their personal gains. Most of the general public today would have a difficult time explaining what the true meaning of Christmas day actually means. Greed will someday bring this country to it's knees to the point of no return.

  • True Meaning Gone

    It appears that "corporate greed" has become the mainstay of Christmas. The massive retailers want nothing more than the almighty dollar. Today's children are being brainwashed that Christmas is only about buying gifts. Christmas items start appearing in stores in August. There is no need to start so early.

    The crazy all night hours that retailers keep on Thanksgiving and Black Friday just goes to destroy any time that people would wish to spend with friends or family. As for the whole shopping thing, there is nothing worthwhile that cannot be bought at any other time of the year.

  • Too much advertising

    There's so much advertising for children and adults that Christmas is barely a Christian holiday anymore. Christmas is a time for family and love and to enjoy the spirit and love that God has for us in giving us his son. Even though there are gifts that may seem important when you first get them, that does not mean that that is what Christmas is about. What is more valuable is the precious time with family that you will never get back.

  • No it's is not

    We can't help it the fact that we spend too much money on Christmas we just want to make our kids happy because we fear if we do not get what they want then we will let them down, we still do celebrate Christmas with family but not all people are religious.

  • Christmas spirit and thanksgiving

    Christmas is not a huge commercialising, commercialising gets you dreagged into the Christmas spirit. some commercials have gifts that you won't to buy for your family members. Or some ideas of some your decorations or some embellishments for your Christmas tree or your functiom. This would be a great opportunity for all of us to have fun enjoy your presents. They might be some competitions you would like to join in I think It would be a great opportunity

  • There is no true 'meaning of Christmas' anyway

    For starters, I don't agree that Christmas is all about presents, because people still value spending time with their family. Large family meals are still popular. Most people stay in with their families on Christmas Day. While the religious element is now less relevant, the religious element was always false. It was simply a means of instilling Christian ideals to the Pagan Solstice festival. The meaning of Christmas has changed over time, but to say that it's too commercial is strange when companies can only promote products because people still want to give others gifts, to show how much you appreciate them.

  • It is what you make it.

    You can choose what to focus on during Christmas. There is fun in purchasing gifts for those who you love and for those who are in need. One of the problems is that buying gifts is becoming more and more difficult for those who need nothing that you can afford. With so many using the credit card there is a culture of instantaneous gratification which does not wait for Christmas to get what one wants. So, Christmas can be too commercial if we see it as what we will receive for ourselves, but it is also a time when we can focus on giving to those who have a need.

  • It is but we can't help it

    Christmas is way too commercialized, incredibly but we just can't help it. In our generation, people care about the presents and always anticipate this holiday. It's not like they only care about the presents either, it's more of the essence of the holiday spirit i guess. I mean what do you expect, Christmas has escalated to be such a big holiday and so what business wouldn't try to cease the opportunity. You can't expect a business or something to not ride the 'Christmas spirit' to sell and such. I for one think it's too commercialized also, I cringe when I start seeing Christmas items on sale when it's still October/November but then again, I also enjoy the whole presents and gathering together feel of Christmas because it makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the actual day. I acknowledge that Christmas is meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus and that its about the love and care but we can also see this through the buying of presents and the gathering of family. So what I'm trying to say is that Christmas is far too commercialized but there are positive points to it...

  • Celebrate how YOU want, if you don't like how that guy's doing it, deal with it.

    It's a religious holiday. People should celebrate it however they want, and have religious freedom. Yes, it's no where near the celebration of Christ's birth right now, but people are going to do things differently. People are celebrating Hanukkah these same ways, spending hundreds of dollars on ungrateful kids. Are you going to punish the holiday? No, do something about your kids. If you don't want to celebrate it the way all these people do then go for it. This country is 76% Christian, now that other 24% may or may not celebrate it, they might go out and blow thousands of dollars on their kids. Who cares? It stimulates the economy, better to do so by giving to others and spending time with family than pulling more money out of your paycheck.

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